Who: Trisees, Keto, Cerebrum.
Where: Near Wherever.
  At that moment, Trisees chose to make his carefully and strategically sound entrance,
an entrance that would make all those who heard the name Trisees link the two, an
entrance so grand, so majestical, that anyone ever born from that moment on would
have been hard pressed to display such brilliance.
  It was, of course, highly unfortunate that his entrance consisted of falling several
feet from a large wooden container and neatly snapping his right forearm on the floor
in front of Keto.
  "What the frell was I doing up there?" growled Trisees loudly, before remembering the
polymorph.  He'd decided to hide amongst the containers until it was killed, mainly due
to the sickening feelings of love, wonder and joy that had been washing over his body
for most of the time.  It was insufferable, and he'd tried near suicide a few times.
  "Trisees?" asked Keto, looking down worriedly at the human heap.
  "Trisees," stated Cerebrum vehemently and frowning at the scientist.
  "Yes, the one and only," muttered Trisees, getting to his feet and looking rather
forlornly at his snapped arm.
  "What are you doing down here?" asked Cerebrum.
  "I live down on these decks, remember?" replied Trisees.  "Anyway, what are you
two up to?  I know for a fact that the chances of finding you two socialising and
engaging in friendly conversation are of the same probability of one of this ship's
so called pilot's ever managing to successfully keep us out of danger for longer than
a day, virtually nil."
  Cerebrum said nothing.
  "Well," replied Keto.  "It kind has something to do with a robot."
  "The one I invented?"
  "Yes," admitted Keto.
  "Let me guess, it hides a dark secret and we need to acquire it before any more
trouble is caused/leaked/somethinged?"
  Keto nodded.
  Trisees sighed.
  "Right, lets go," he said.
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