Running low on privacy!

"Can I borrow your phone?"
Tara handed it over.
Jay dialled the number and placed the phone to his ear "Captain, you better come to the drive room..."
"Why?" asked Dean at the other end of the phone.
"What? Where's WhiteWolf?"
A flushing sound came from Dean's bathroom.
"That answer it for you?""Quite satisfactorily."
"What's happened anyhow?"
"We're just, a day's short of all the vital suppleis we need to live on..."
"Oh, just the usual then eh?" asked Dean, jokingly.
"I'm serious."
"Aah.." said Dean, "Right, I'll tell WhiteWolf and we'll come up to the driveroom."
"Jasmine too?"
"If we can find her.""What you mean?" asked Jay, perplexed
"We were passing the time with hide and seek..."
"Oh." said Jay, "Well, as quickly as possible. Jay out."
Dean put down the phoneline.
"Sir?" he called.
"Yes?" came back the hamsters reply, muffled by the door.
"We need to go to the drive room. Jay says we're in deep smeg."
"Well if Jay says it must be true.." said WW, his voice laden with so much sarcasm that Dean considered acquiring a ladle and spooning it into bowls.
"JAS?" asked Dean
"We have to go. Come out now! PLease?"
"OH alright." she said, slipping out of the shower and into the room.
"You mean..." said WW, "whilst I was...she was...and she saw..."
"I'm just as aghast sir, with all due respect."
Silence descended
"Well, this is uncomfortable." said Dean, after a pause.
"Come on, let's go the drive room." Jasmine said, walking through the curry-eaten door frame.
"Seconded." said Dean.
"Fine, let's go." said WW, the rotund hamster following them out of the door.

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