Re: ACTION:- Running low on Texaco

Who: Captain Wiley, I mean... White Wolf.
Where: In the coridor outside Holly's main computer core.
When: Just as the huge hamster finished affixing some of Penny's new
explosive 'silly putty' in an outline along the door frame to Holly
main computer core.
"Alright - That should be enough to blast a way into the main core."
Mutters White Wolf, picking up the denonating plunger and sticking a
couple of leads into the putty, and uncoiling the line while stepping
back several yards, then glancing around to make sure no one was
nearby and pushing down the plunger.
Nothing happened. The large hamster frowned at the plunger, checked
the leads on both ends, finding them in order, he pulled the plunger
back up, and pushed it back down again. The huge hamster stared at
the curiously non functioning detonating plunger, while on an upper
level, yet another loo mysteriously flooded out.
"Hmmphf! Maybe Penny new explosive doesn't work with electrical
denotators. I'll try the good old fashioned light fuse next."
muttered the overgrown furball casually tossing the denotation
plunger over his shoulder while walking away.
Sometime later, after spending a fruitless hour trying to get into a
locked down Armoury, and then having to resort to ransacking Havoc's
footlocker instead. The huge hamster returned with his long wicked
fuse, and stuck one end in the 'silly putty' and again, playing out
the fuse while stepping back several yards, and attempted to light a
match when a air circulating fan suddenly kicked on in a nearby vent
and blew it out.
"Cute Holly, Cute..." Muttered the hamster, tossing that match aside
and grabbing another one and striking it. And just as he was about to
light the fuse again with this new match, the water sprinkler system
came on, completely drenching the six foot, one inch hamster and
putting out the match.
He pulled out another one, and tried it. It had gotten wet along with
the rest of them. "Okay, if that's the way you want to play it,
Holl." Muttered the hamster throwing the sodden box of matchs over
his shoulder and stomping off.
<Later, on the lower walking level of the promenade...>
The rotund hamster walked through the open door of Abdul's Discount
Toy's and picked up a 'Super-mega-gigantic-Seven-eleven-colossal-
drink-size' soaker, and took it up to the check out counter along
with a credit card, and muttered to the cashier - "Just Put it on my
"Can I see some photo ID?" Responded the cashier matter-of-factly.
"I don't have my photo ID on me right now. But, why do you need it
anyhow - Can't you see I'm the Captain?" replied the distracted
"I'm sorry sir, But I need to verify your age, whenever anyone buys
one of our soaker guns. The Manager says a purchaser might be
underage and hurt someone with it..." Explained the cashier.
"You've got to be kidding... I'm in charge of a 5 mile long ship,
along with all the security departments assorted weapons of mass
destruction, and your concerned that I might mis-use some stupid toy
water gun?!?" Exploded the flabbergasted Hamster, "Let me speak to
your manager."
The cashier pointed out the customer service desk, over to which the
glowering hamster stalked over to and said to a pretty faced young
women with tag maked 'Customer service representive', "Can you tell
your Manager that I would like to speak with him about a not
requiring that cashier over there to know my age while buying a TOY
The woman picked up the phone and called the cashier and inquired
with him exactly what the problem was, then she disappeared into the
back room. The huge hamster could overhear her talking to someone.
That someone laughed and said something back to her. Then the woman
re-appeared, and said to White Wolf, "He says he's busy, and you'll
just simply have put purchase on lay-away until you can come back
provide your ID."
"Excuse me miss, But I specifically asked to speak with him. Would
you please go back in there and tell him that I want to speak with
him personally?" replied the hamster.
The woman disappeared into the back room again, and this time a foul
faced gentlemen came and Said, "Sir, it's store policy that we
require a Photo ID for all water gun purchase, regardless of who,
because you may irresponsibly and hurt somebody with it!"
"But, That's the silliest..." Started the huge hamster
"Take it up with our complaints department." Muttered the manager
jerking his thumb towards a white plastic display saying 'Complaints
Dept - take a number' and a small hand grenade with a tag marked '#1'
stuck to it's pin.
The mammoth hamster looked at it, and slowly raised what passed for
his eye brow. Then quickly slung the water gun's plastic shoulder
strap over his shoulder and reached out and wrenched off the grenade
from the display, then made as if he were pulling off the grenades
pin and pitched a grenade over the counter and into the back room and
scrambled over to the stores main door.
The manager stood his ground as dozens of shoppers & cashiers dove
for cover, and said while chuckling to the hamster, "That grenade on
the display is a dud. You were just bluffing..."
The hamster smirked back at him from the store front and replied, "Oh
Really?", while he slowly turned each of his paws open face toard the
store manager, showing one paw still held the fake grenade complete
with it's '#1' tagged pin, while the other paw merely held a grenade
pin. "Then I guess it's a pretty darn good thing I threw one of the
delay fuse grenades I had left over from fighting the polymorph a
little earlier..." Then he darted away.
The manager's eyes went very wide as he frantically jumped over the
counter, and the back room exploded outward with a heavy sounding
White Wolf then saunteered up to the ordering counter at 'Taco Hell',
and handed the 'Super-mega-gigantic-Seven-eleven-colossal-drink-size'
soaker to the cashier and said, "Fill 'er up with some texas super
hot sauce please..."
{Twenty minutes later, back in the hallway in which he was so
unsuccessful at breaking into Holly computer core...}
The huge hamster squirted the whole area where the 'silly putty' was
attached, and waited for the sizzling to start.
And waited, and waited.
Feeling a little defeated, He sat down, right on the upstanding
detonation plunger, and down the plunger went one final time.
The large hamster sat with blackened fur in a completely swiss
cheesed hallway except for the door which was still standing,
blinking then simply said. "Damn tough door..."
Then it promptly fell on him, revealing another heavy door behind it.
And as he was just about finished struggling pushing the first heavy
door back up and get out from underneath it, a robot with a brain
suddenly came whizzing down the hallway and >Ka-pow!<, ran him over.
The door fell back on top of him, as his cell phone rang.
Then he reached down, flipping it open and answered, "Um, Jay? Is is
too late for us to order some of those atomic suppositories from
Abdul's pharmacy for using on Holly?"
<TAG!> 8D
- Waffled Hamster

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