Could things get any worseth?

Who: Coffey, Holly
Where: Corridor
"What? How can you not know?" demanded Coffey, her voice a mixture
of anger and worry.
"Because I have slightly more important things to worry about than
where our chief surgeon is," said Holly in the same monotone he
always used.
"Where did you last see him?" she asked, a little more
forcefully than she usually would have done.
"Doctor William Shakespeare disappeared from my scanners 35
minutes ago. His last location was Starbug bay 3."
"Starbug bay 3? What was he doing in there?" asked Coffey to
herself. She began ambling slowly down the corridor toward Starbug
Bay 3, lost in deep thought.
"Oh dear," said Holly as she rounded a corner.
"What?" queried Coffey.
Holly's face changed into one of sheer panic, noticed Coffey
staring at him then changed again to his impassive norm.
"Probably nothing, no cause for alarm."
"What is? What are you talking about?"
"Well, the kindly Doctor Shakespeare has just reappeared on my
"Where?!" asked Coffey earnestly, now running towards the
Starbug Bay 3.
"Starbug Bay 3."
"How?!" she asked.
"That's not all," said Holly. "He's not alone."
"Holly, just tell me, I can't stand around all day playing these
guessing games!"
"That's the problem, the life signs aren't of any of the other
crew members, they don't even appear human."
Coffey stopped running and stammered. "What are they up to?!"
Holly was silent for a second.
"I think we've got a small problem," said Holly.
"What, what?!" she asked.
"Yeah, I wasn't sure at first but now I am," Holly said,
Coffey was about to say something when she glanced out of the
window and noticed a small green dot travelling away from the ship.
"Please don't tell me," she said, looking back at Holly.
Holly opened his mouth to say something then decided against it.
Coffey began running again.
<to be continued>

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