Secretly observing

> "Smeg" Muttered Tara looking around for a suitable place to hide. She
> dived behind a computed bank just as Keto kicked the door and came
> flying through as Holly opened it 'For a laugh'. Keto began to pace
> the room.
> "What is this all about Keto?" Said Trisees who as he so frequently
> did appeared from nowhere.
A heavily modified golf-cart pulled up outside the AR-suite. It was painted
black and had tinted windows. Cerebrum was driving, and had a camera in
hand. A minor psychiatrist was also in the cart, wearing a set of headphones
attached to a complicated listening and recording device. He was holding a
laser microphone in his hands.
"Turn it up really high, we don't want to miss anything," Cerebrum told the
"Got it, I'll turn it up to maximum," he replied, adjusting the dial, and
aiming the mike .
"Did Cerebrum follow you?" Keto asked Trisees. "I'll check."
"CEREBRUM!" he yelled. Cerebrum restrained himself from replying, while the
psychiatrist he had brought along rolled his eyes up into his head and fell
out of the golf cart, his ears bleeding. Cerebrum growled, pulled the
headphones and laser mike off of him, kicked him the rest of the way out of
the cart, cranked the volume down and then put the headphones on and aimed
the mike at the AR-suite.

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