Who : Phil and MP
Where : 300 years in the future, Planet of the Archivers
When : 300 years in the future
OOC : I've basically done this post to "explain" Phil's absence for
the next few weeks
The light subsided and there was *THUD* followed by
"Dang, we apear to have grabbed "him" in time..Well done everyone"
"I know that voice.." said Phil
"You should do oh lord, after all, I am your cheif acolyte"
"Ahh, I'm in the future again right?"
"Yes...I am Number Two and we brought you here to help you.."
"Well the incedent with the Polymorph affected history, ie:Holly
being locked out. In one of your brave attempts to gain acces to the
computer you get yourself injured in a nasty way..."
"How nasty?" Phil didn't like the sounds of this.
"Enough...But we thought you might also like to see the fruits of
your labours on our world before you return.."
"Won't that affect time?"
"Not really, as we have it in the Propheries that you left the Blue
One for a while and returned with new devives of great power and
cunning and knowledge that would help the crew find their Target.."
"You mean Red Dwarf? What happened to it?"
"Cool..start the tour then...."
There was another surge from the Temporal Grabber(tm) followed by a
small thud and one of the neophyte going "ohshitohshitshit, I've
brought HIM as well..."
Everyone who was female imedalty left the room..
"Where all the women go?" asked Phil...
"Does that answer your question, oh great one......"

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