Revelations (Part One)

Who: Keto, Trisees (and hidden observers)
Where: AR Suite
When: Bloink
"What is this all about Keto?" Said Trisees who as he so frequently
did appeared from nowhere.
Keto was somewhat under pressure here, but had enough of his wits
about him to be worried that Cerebrum might possibly have
followed. "CEREBRUM!" he yelled, and listened closely. There was no
sound to be heard other than a faint moan outside, but that might
have been the wind, so Keto assumed it was safe to continue.
"Right," he said, nodding, "Okay. Fine. Good. Right. Okay."
"Will you hurry this up?" asked Trisees, "What is it about that
robot brain that's so important that we have to find it?"
"Good question," nodded Keto, "Very good question." He then
continued nodding.
Eventually, Trisees got tired of waiting.
"WHAT'S WITH THAT FRELLING BRAIN!?" he shouted, and Keto snapped
There was a very long pause.
"...what?" asked Trisees, a frown entering his
countenance, "*You're* Charles Keto."
"No, I'm not," sighed Keto, "That's where everyone's mistaken. I'm
not Charles Keto, the brain is. I've just taken his place."
"Hold up a minute," said Trisees, raising a hand and taking a step
backwards, "You're a polymorph?"
"What? No!"
"Something that can change shape?"
"Am I hallucinating then?"
"NO! Listen...look, it's kind of complicated..."
"I'd never have guessed," replied Trisees coldly, "Now why don't
you tell me about what's going on here before I decide to do some
research of my own on that brain?"
Keto hesitated, but if there's one thing that Trisees wasn't, it
was a bluffer. So the doctor sighed, and began at the beginning,
where most things start.
It all began (Keto explained) in the medischool, where there were
three young students all struggling to get their medical
qualifications to go on to bigger and better things. These three
students were William Shakespeare (or Lawrence Trisees on his
entrance papers), Tara Cleavage, and Charles Keto.
Charles Keto excelled on pharmacology. He had a knack for
remembering just what drug did what to which type of person, and how
to combine those drugs to produce the best effects. His memory also
aided him in examinations, where he was the human equivalent of a
textbook, able to produce useful facts on demand. He flew through
the first year of medischool without any problems whatsoever,
becoming firm friends with Shakespeare and Cleavage.
(Keto coloured slightly at this point, but Trisees was too busy
following the narrative to notice.)
However, in the second year of medischool, there was an accident.
An entire wing of the school caught fire. Most of the students made
it out in time, but a few were trapped inside.
One of these was Charles Keto.
There was, however, another student. One that none of the three
friends had really noticed, despite the fact that he was always
around in the background, watching closely, seething with quiet envy
for Charles Keto. Charles Keto had everything he did not - friends,
a family that cared about him, a near-eidetic memory and all the
other things that made his life seem so glorious in comparison to our
shadowy figure's.
That shadowy figure was the man that the crew of the JMC Blue Dwarf
knew as the head of their medical department.
During the fire in the second year of medischool, Charles Keto was
knocked unconscious by a falling support beam, and lay there as the
fire grew in the rooms around him.
The shadowy figure, always around to observe the envied one's life,
was there that day. He came walking in from the smoky surroundings
to see his nemesis lying there.
And the shadowy figure saw his opportunity to try out his OWN
medical knowledge. He may not have had Charles Keto's memory, he may
not have had all his advantages, but he DID have one talent - that of
ointments. Having been locked in an ointment-boiling room for nearly
a full day had not worked wonders for his sanity, but had given him a
near-instinctive knowledge of which ointments were lethal and which
would have useful effects.
Removing a brain is not an easy task when you're in a room
surrounding by the slowly smouldering remains of a building, nor is
transferring it to a jar of quickly-brewed, brain-preserving ointment.
Keeping the brain alive over the years to help you through medical
school, stealing its identity and later using it to gain a lucrative
job in the Jupiter Mining Corporation is a near *impossible* task,
and really it was a credit to the shadowy figure that he managed to
do it so successfully, truly becoming Charles Keto.
And that, as they say, is that.
Trisees stared at the man standing before him for a moment, for
once in his life somewhat speechless. The man took the opportunity
to shake his head and sigh again, leaning against one wall and
sliding down it. The AR Suite had not been cleaned very recently, a
huge cloud of dust rising into the air as he sank back and causing
his eyes to water.
"So," said Trisees slowly, "You're not Charles Keto. The brain is
Charles Keto."
"But," continued Trisees, hanging on to a single fact, "You ARE the
head of this ship's medical department."
"At the current moment in time, yes," nodded the man, "But if that
robot is found, and people find out who it really is..."
"Then you've got a problem," smiled Trisees coldly, "A rather big
The man looked up at Trisees, raising one eyebrow almost
"I'm still one of the few people aboard this ship who would even
consider an alliance with you, Trisees," he said quietly, "And
believe it or not that brain holds some information that could be
quite interesting."
"Like Cleavage's measurements?" snapped Trisees.
The man was halfway to his feet, a look of anger spreading across
his features, when something made both himself and Trisees stop dead
in consternation.
The dust was a very treacherous thing to anybody trying to hide in
dark corners, and Tara had only been able to suppress a sneeze so
"...who's there?" demanded both Trisees and the man at once.
OOC: And that, as they say, is that. :) Tag! And yes, there are
still more revelations to come at a later date. ;) Becca, Sean, you
know the second revelation already I think...shhhhhh! ;)

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