Four letter word begins with F. Hmmm. Fire?

Who: Zodar
Where Shuttlebay
Zodar had begun busily siphoning fuel from a few of the starbugs to
put into the select four shuttles that would make the supply runs,
when he heard on a radio that contact had been lost with one of Blue
Dwarf's shuttles.
"Oh crap." he said, looking down at the hose that was busily
siphoning fuel, "This can wait." he stated and pulled the hose out of
the tank, spilling a bit of fuel onto the floor and over his feet.
He climbed up into the pilots seat and hit the ignition.
Despite the urgency of the situation, Zodar had always prided himself
on how good his pilotting was, and so his exit was a slow, carefully
executed, almost dance like process. As soon as he'd carefully and
precisely scraped the side of the Shuttle Bay Door, he floored the
thrusters to make up for lost time.
He was suprised when he sped right past the missing shuttle,
prompting him to screech to a halt and put the shuttle into reverse
with a crunch, making that *beep, beep, beep* noise as he reversed
alongside the shuttle. The two shuttles connected and docked and a
pathway between the two was opened.
"Hello? Anybody here?" Chris shouted to the darkness, "There aren't
any Polymorphs here, are there? Hello? Anyone? It's Chris Zodar, I've
come to, uh, rescue you." Chris said awkwardly. He'd never done many
heroic deeds in his lifetime, even though his new years resolution
almost a year ago was to save more people. He'd never really had the
chance until now.
"Uh, yeah... Over here." Came a voice from the darkness of the
lifeless shuttle's cockpit
"You're a polymorph?" Chris asked jokingly.
"No, I'm Kara McGellen. I came out here a while ago, and I found this
distrss signal, but it fried the navi-comp and then the whole thing
decided to shut down around me.
"Oh ok, damn, um, d'you want a tow back to the Dwarf? I could try and
repair the damage on site if you'd rather fly it back, it might take
a bit longer, that's all. It's up to you either way."
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