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Dean wandered into parrotts, he had lost Jasmine at the mediba, where she claimed that she was on duty. (Not that Holly believed her). He had left her beating futilely against the door.
Dean ordered a drink, and tehn cast his eye around the room, seeing who else was in the area.
"Was it?" his brain asked
"Nah, he's not been here for ages!" it replied.
"It definitely is!"
Dean wandered ver to the table.
"L'ontar! Long time no see!"
"Hey. What's been happening on this heap then?"
"Well, it's certainly an interesting tale, let me tell you about it..."
<1/2 a very drunk hour later>
"And so, we ended up here."
"How very interesting slurred L'ontar in reply to Dean's slurred mumblings.
"This song's good for doing a jig too." said L'ontar, listening vaguely to the music.
"Really? I'll have shot then." said Dean, leaping up onto the table.
Well, he was awarded points for effort. If not for achievement, as Dean came crashing through bar, spilling alcohol everywhere, one of teh patrons, who had been lighting his pipe threw his match away...
Dean "2/3's of the buddies back together..." Thomas
<OOC: Yes it's short, but I have NO idea what to post...even I'm horrified at my shortness...>

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L'ontar and L'ornt walked into Parrots after both having a really weird dream about Santa. They walked over to a table and set down drinking a drink that had ten times the power of a Pan Galactic Gargle blaster.

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