Re: Strolling into Parrott's/Lodo

Who:Lodo, Jasmine, Dean, other patrons
When:While Parots is on fire and exploding
Lodo walked past a staggering Jasmine and Dean. "Huh, drunk again." Lodo
could faintly smell burning alcohol. "Must be Alexis experimenting again."
he thought. He calmly strolled into Parrott's not even noticing the fire. He
picked up a glass of the "House Special" and took a sip, just as part of the
ceiling fell on that spot. "Gross, its cold." yelled Lodo. "Barkeep,
BARKEEP, where the smeg...oh I get it."Lodo walked over to the exit and hit
a red button. The emergency doors closed and Parrott's was blasted into
space. A spare Parrott's hovered into place and locked itself in. The
emergency doors closed and Lodo sat at one of the tables waiting for some
company, and a barkeep.
Hey peeps, ive been away, but im back again, i want to have some fun too!!!!
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