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> With that, Keto stalked out of the medibay and through the ship to
> the psychiatric department. As the door quietly hissed open, he
> called irritably, "Cerebrum! I want a word with you!"
The two mimes in the room turned to face him and shrugged.
"He's not here?" Keto snarled. Where is he?"
The mimes started waving their hands.
"Okay, a house, apartment, room, store, restaurant? Restaurant. Okay, what's
the name? First syllable?"
Two hours later
"Okay, he's at McDonalds? Good," Keto stamped out of the room, heading down
to McDonalds. A minute later, the door opened up and Cerebrum walked in.
"So, were there any calls for me while I was gone?" he asked.
An hour later, back in the Psychiatric offices
"So, you're tired of me blackmailing you, are you?" Cerebrum asked Keto,
drumming his fingers on his desk. "You do realize, of course, that I'm the
one who's trying to carry out some nefarious plots here? I need funding.
It's not my fault, my hands are tied." He failed to mention that the Agency
gave him all the money he needed, and the only reason he was blackmailing
Keto because he liked aggravating people.

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