An echo in my head

Phil said nothing, just nodded, he knew what Jay was talking about, he'd experience the same situation before.
"Just promise me one thing Phil" said Jay "If he tries anything..and you cant tell which one of us is which......kill us both"
"sure no problem Jay...."
Like ya would do that....
"who said that?"
"What?" asked Jay
"Who said that?" replied Phil
"Said what?"
"after I said about taking care of things?"
"Well, who do you think I am HIM?" said Phil a bit TOO loud cauing the ambassdors and EJ to look round...EJ walked towards him...
"Ah...Mr Febuggure...I take it that the prescence of the Hive mind is not bringing back any bad memories for you?"
"Nothing I can't handle...."
"Good....." EJ turned his back with contempt(if such a thing was possible)...and walked back to his previous postion...
"One more thing." Ej said looking over his shoulder..."..Could you please make sure that...he(poitninh at MP)...stays away from the egg chamber....The Queen....would NOt be pleased if her eggs were mistaken for Choccy Cruncie Eggs again...There might be more...unfortunate events that even *I* would not be able to handle..."
=================================Loki:What the hell was that, You know God, you've been in the presence of God and I just heard you claim that you were an atheist.Bartleby: Oh come on, you know I like to fuck with the cleargy keeps 'em on their toes."Dogma"

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