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..ang on....isnt eve the one giving blood...not that im nitpicking you understand!

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Who: Keto, Tara, Everyone (Well, with the exception of those who aren't...picky, aren't I?)Where: MedibayWhen: Badabing=====================  The medibay doors swished open as a very tired Keto finally slinked through them.  "At last," he murmured to himself, leaning heavily against one of the medibunks, "Now I can finally..."  There was a second swish, then a thump as Keto was knocked over by Rio Lomaz carrying Tara's arms.  Just as he made to stand up, he was trodden on again by Dean, supporting Tara's legs.  Then, as he managed to struggle to his knees, Eve came hurrying through the door and knocked him flat on his face for the third time.  "" murmured Keto enquiringly.  "Keto, hurry, Tara's injured.  She fell through the windscreen of a Starbug and is losing a lot of blood."  "No, really?" asked Keto, standing up and wiping the small trail of blood spots from his doctor's jacket as best he could.  "THIS IS SERIOUS!" snapped Eve.  Keto blinked, then sighed.  "Right, right.  Put her on the medibunk.  Never a moment's rest for the wicked..."  As Dean and Rio manoeuvred Tara's form onto the medibunk, Eve turned back to the doorway.  "I'm going to find Amber and Rufus," she said, "They were supposed to be looking for you."  "What a marvellous, marvellous job they did," said Keto drily, scrubbing up as Tara was wheeled into the theatre, "Remind me to commend them if ever they find me."  "Jasmine's on her way too, for a blood transfusion," said Eve, ignoring him.  "She needs a blood transfusion as well?  Has there been a sudden plague of vampirism on this ship?"  "She's GIVING blood, you cretin!" snapped Eve, "She's the closest blood match that Tara's got!"  "...point," admitted Keto reluctantly, as Dean and Rio returned from the theatre, "Now, if you'll excuse me...Tree, go and find Wildflower, wherever she may be.  And if you can find out what's happened to Trisees and Coffey...or even Shakespeare...then I'd be...well, not grateful.  Think of it as a sort of surprised with some feelings of thankfulness mixed in, just a little."  The Tree bounced up from where it had been...uh...planted in the corner, and hurried out of the door.  "So hard to get good staff," murmured Keto, "Or at least, good staff that isn't needed to give blood rather than operate.  When Miss Starbolt arrives, could one of you ask her to get herself ready for the transfusion?  She knows the drill, I believe."  With that, Keto headed into the operating theatre.============OOC: Sorry, can't think much, got to read 250 pages of Joyce's Ulysses in a few days, must cram more...  - Chris (JHXMT)JMC's  best....brightest....the most number one resource in all things Blue Dwarf related,Take the Blue Dwarf Quiz now!To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to:JMC_Blue_Dwarf-unsubscribe@egroups.comYour use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to the Yahoo! Terms of Service.

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