Psychiatrist makes a planetcall

"Now this is the kind of shrink visit I like to see!" thought the big Hamster, going over to meet them.<END SNIP>
"Is that a giant hamster?" Cerebrum asked, looking out the cockpit window. "It might be an alien, we'd better shoot it to be careful."
"Hang on." said Dean, pulling the bug to a halt early, so it hovered a few feet above the ground, before rotating it towards the creature. "At your command sir." said Dean, flicking open the "Gun control" switchbox.
"All right, you alien scum!" Cerebrum shouted into the intercom, routing it to the outside megaphone. "Prepare to eat hot plasma!"
"You have any idea why he's holding up a sign saying, don't shoot! I'm the captain?" Cerebrum whispered to Dean.
"Maybe he's the captain of the aliens. In which case we'll get bonus points for shooting him." said Dean, flexing his fingers over the trigger button. "Your call, I'm just the chauffeur." he added.
Suddenly, a blast of gunfire shattered the cockpit, and smashed the joystick off of the control panel. "You idiots!" came the faint cry. "It's me, White Wolf!"
"So he's OUR captain" said Dean, "I knew I recognised him from somewhere. But he isn't normally green... maybe he's got some horrible contagious alien disease" Dean added, as an afterthought. Cerebrum turned back to the microphone, "Sorry sir, as you are green from the horrible disease we didn't recognise you. You may come aboard, but if you do you shall be placed in quarantine."
"Our Captain really is a hamster?" Cerebrum said, covering the microphone with his hand. "This means that I didn't have to take all those extra pills whenever I saw him before." He uncovered the microphone. "Now, what exactly is going on?" he shouted.
"The party's been kidnapped" came WW's voice, "I'm the sole survivor as far as I can tell, I had to cream one of the ambassadors on the way out. As for why I'm green, I fell in a truck full of green stuff headed for the BD...Hang on." said WW, pausing, "Dean, as superior officer on the dwarf, you should know what the shipment is."
"He's got a point, added the psychiatrist, throwing out his 'anti-hamster' pills
"This shipment, I'm assuming that it's not likely to be powdered candy?" Cerebrum asked WW.  "Somehow, I doubt it," WW replied.  "Oh smeg," Cerebrum muttered.
"Well, I didn't know anything about it." said Dean.
"For god's sake, let's stop the shouting" yelled WW, "Let me in!"
"Oh, sorry sir." said Dean,
"Quickly..." added Cerebrum spotting the sudden rush of incoming alien troopers.
"Erm.. we're trapped on the surface until I can make repairs." said Dean,
"What you mean?" asked Cerebrum, worried.
"Well," said Dean, as WW entered the cockpit, "mon capatan's shots here have made us unspaceworthy, We can't leave the atmosphere."
"Bugger" said Cerebrum, simply.
A JP between Deano and Cerebrum.

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