The flight of the Bumblers!

Who: Dean, Cerebrum & White Wolf.
Where: In a busted up starbug.
When: Right after White Wolf walked in and Cerebrum swore... :)
"Well," said Dean, as WW entered the cockpit, "mon capatan's shots
here have made us unspaceworthy, We can't leave the atmosphere."
"Bugger" said Cerebrum, simply.
The huge rodent looked at Cerebrum and Dean with a odd look on his
hamster face for a moment and then asked, "Dean was that your pair of
trousers I just saw go ambulating on by me before I came here?"
Both Dean and Cerebrum sharply glanced down at Dean's now bare legs.
Dean quickly crossed his legs and covered his boxers with a "piloting
for Dummies" book, as he tried to sound casual while
commenting, "Gee, it certainly does feel sorta drafty in here..."
"Now I know why they recommend charging extra for Exhibitionists..."
Rejoined Cerebrum, then he pointed at White Wolf, "Holy smeg!!! Your
infested with green fleas, Captain!"
"WHAT THE?!?" Sputtered the big hamster as he glanced down at the
moving carpet of green dust which was slowly dispersing off his fur
and disappearing into the air vents, "This stuff ain't fleas, it's
that hymenoptera powder..."
Cerebrum grabbed up one of Deans discarded toastie wrappers, and
trapped some of the dust wafting off, quickly folding up the wrapper
before jamming it into his shirt pocket as he got up and legged it
out the door, "Ok - It's evidence. But as much as I'd like to stay
and discuss forensics with you both, I think we need to ditch the bug
welcome squad!"
"Seconded..." Called the big hamster turning around and following the
"Oh Groovy, I'm about to streak the Hymenoptera..." Mumbled Dean
bringing up the rear.
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