SoTM February 2003

> Andy wrote:
> So JHXMT / Keto / Chris...
> been paying attention?
> Time to announce Feb's winner methinks!
Okay, okay, I've been considering. (And writing essays, but SoTM
comes first!) ;)
Well, it's been a hard decision this month (someone always ends up
saying that, don't they? Can't we have an EASY decision for once?)
There have been a lot of good posts lately, from several members of
the group.
Tara's gradual descent into suicidal insanity was interesting to
watch (and then mess up quite spectacularly by making the wrong
people give blood, carry bodies and so forth...sorry about that!),
though it did total the windscreen of yet another Starbug - the ship
must be running quite low on them by now! :)
Cerebrum's Valentine's Day was (as the FSG award showed) quite a
hilarious one, and his subsequent "antics" with Dean and various
clothing-eating chemicals painted them both in a very good light. A
semi-naked light, but a good one.
Niples' decapitation made even me somewhat surprised - evidently
the Hymenoptera don't go in for this whole diplomacy deal - as
Whitewolf's sudden snot-green-colouring escapades would serve to
As I say, there have been a great many brilliant posts this month,
and it's incredibly hard for me to make a decision between them all.
So much so, in fact, that I'm going to have to make another split
decision, as there's a pair of people I think deserving of this
And so the Simmer Of The Month Award, February 2003, goes jointly
to Jay Chrysler and Phil FeBuggre, whose sudden attack of voices in
their heads has proved most amusing, and probably quite lucrative for
Cerebrum in the future, no doubt. :)
Congratulations Andy and Chris, keep up the good posts.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to translate The Dream of the Rood
from a dead language into a living one.
- Chris (JHXMT)

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