A loud clicking was heard as around the rioting crowd grenade launchers loaded with gas grenades were primed, safetys removed and aimed.
"Now...are you guys gonna come quietly?"
"Put down the weapons...I am your supeior officer...."
"You not a supeier officer, mearly higher in rank " said someone, echohing a line Phil had once used which in turn he had pinched from someone else....
"I'm still your boss!"
"No ...Our boss is over there beating the crap out of the burger clown whilst at the same time shooting any thing that moves with his nero-disruptor...I wanna know what freak made THAT freak CSO?"
"This freak..."
Whilst all this was going on Phil had carfully positioned himself near to wear the chainsaw were...grabbing one and reving it up he started waving it about and laughing in a way that would have put anyone nearby in the frame of mind that Evil Phil was back...which in a way he was...
"Hail to the king baby..."
OOC : There's a prize(not) if anyone can guess what film Phil is quoting from....
=================================Loki:What the hell was that, You know God, you've been in the presence of God and I just heard you claim that you were an atheist.Bartleby: Oh come on, you know I like to fuck with the cleargy keeps 'em on their toes."Dogma"

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