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closely matching Deans character?....
nah..chimps can actually pilot!

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<snip>"Well," said Dean, cockily, "I can't stick around being smart all day." he started to swagger off the platfrom upon which the control panel was mounted. "My tuuuuuuurrrrrrnn...." he tripped over Jay's outstrectched wing and was stopped dead in his tracks inside a tube that shot down from the ceiling."VERY FUNNY JAY!" came the muffled voice from inside the glass tube.<snip again, innit!>"Ok," Said Alota, pressing keys with great panache and conifdence "let's see if we can finally make something of you, Dean!"The computer began to intone it's judgements on the worldDNA TYPE RECOGNISED...DNA ISOLATED...DNA SEQUENCE STORED...INITIATING  DNA EDITING...TRANSFORMATION COMPLETE.Everyone held their breath, even Zodar stopped singeing the air with his paltry fire-breathing.The light dimmed and the tube rose again.And then everybody laughed, everybody that is, except Dean."What!?"Jay was helpless with laughter, and had already done some severe damage to some of his colleuge's clothes."sorry Dean, but it's not often you see someone turned into an animal that so closely matches their character...!""man" exclaimed the Quartzoid Keith "and I thought I had it bad being a boulder...!"Eve, who had managed to keep her hysterics to a giggle, picked Dean up."it's ok, I reckon you look kinda cute as a Monkey...!""I'm a monkey???""An albino Monkey, too, looks like I haven't quite got this thing worked out yet." Alota said, though she was enjoying this as much as everybody else."oh man, Why'd I have to be a Monkey...?"<tag>JMC's  best....brightest....the most number one resource in all things Blue Dwarf related,Take the Blue Dwarf Quiz now!To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to:JMC_Blue_Dwarf-unsubscribe@egroups.comYour use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to the Yahoo! Terms of Service.

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