Dave \"Pink Tree\" Canazza

> "Oh no" Eve said, frantically trying to abort the sequence,
> The mist cleared, the tube rose...
Tara pushed MPP off her leg and looked up at the new form of Canazza
"That can't be right..." She said
*Rustle!* He asked. Tara looked sympatherticaaly at Canazza,
"Sorry, but your a.... one of the pink tree's relatives!"
Zodar giggled and set the bottom of Eve's trousers on fire.
"Watch it Zodar!" Said Eve patting out the flames on her trousers and
glaring at the lizzard. Canazza rustled in despair.
"Na, don't worry about it. Being a tree isn't so bad, I talk to pink
tree often about it." Tara had to supress a giggle.
"You going in next then Tara?" Jay asked whilst trying to fold up his
wings. In doing so he knocked Amber onto the platform and the tube
came down over her.
"Hey! Damnit let me out! I didn't wanna go down to that planet!" She
banged on the glass. Dean jumped off the console to let Eve press the
release button, however as he jumped off the pushed some of the
buttons himself.....

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