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<Snip, would you believe?>
"I said your next dear..."
"Who me?" asked Tara backing away..."What about Alota"
"We need her to operate the machine...it's that or MP operates it...."
"No thank you i dont wont to be a goat..."
Jay banged his head... "Help us alll"
the next person stepped up..
<and, amasingly, snip again...>
Alota looked up from the controls.
"It's ok Tara, I've got this under control now, your perfectly
"That's easy for you to say..."
"ok, here we go people..."
The tube came down, the mist went in, and then the sounds poor Tara
where dreading sounded out...
" what do you think she'll come out as...?"Zodar whispered into
Keith's 'ear'.
"I dunno," the sentient rock replied "but I'll bet it's nowhere near
as cool as Jay..."
"What's it like being a stone?"
"Ask me again when I know how to explain it..."
The tube hissed towards the cieling, revieling Tara.
Or something blue, gelatinous and transparent that was in Tara's
exact shape and size, but not, due to the effects of gravity on her
semi-liqiud state, actually wearing her clothes...
...And it had it's 'eyes' firmly closed.
"well?" she demanded.
Dean the Capuchin 'ooked' his way over too her.
"You're still human-shaped, but you're sort of made of jelly, and
when you open your eyes, I wouldn't suggest looking down in a
Jay had HIS eyes covered "I.E., we really mean 'dont look down', and
not in the action-movie 'crossing a rope bridge' sense..."
Tara tentatively opened her eyes and, because there are some pieces
of advice human beings are totally incapable of taking, looked down.
She screamed, and covered herself with her 'arms'.
"Where are my CLOTHES!?!"
Alota cleared her throat "Errrm, on the platform where you left them,
It seems your form can't carry anything above it's own weight without
giving way and letting the object drop..."
"...Which means you can't actually WEAR anything."Said Jay, eyes
still firmly closed and covered.
"so," added Keith, wanting to contribute something to the
conversation "Until we get you back into the machine you are going to
be completely naked..."
Tara was really getting angry by now "oh well that's just FINE then
isn't it? What on earth am I meant to do in the mean time?"
"Become a nudist?" Suggested Zodar.
"YOU LITTLE!!!" Tara stormed over to Zodar and shoved an 'aarm' down
his neck, clearly intent on drowning the pathetic Dragon.
(and with that I've run out of ideas, so <tag> anyone?)

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