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While Eve waited for an answer she looked over at her ex-boyfriend.
MPP waved his pad about...Alota took it and read it...
"he says ..."I suggest we split into three groups and head out...the are three possible locations for this artifact we gotta find...when we do, radio me, that is Phil, and we'l get here asap..."
There was a noise like someone trying to pass a very large bowl movemnet and a small "plib"...Tara was for some reason back to normal....but naked still..
"ARGGGGHHHHHH" she screamed and ran over covering her....bits...
Jack grabbed MP as he ran after her..
"Shall I let him go?" asked Jack
"NO!!!!" replied everyone, with a couple of ooks and a baaa and a eeee thrown in for good measure.
MPP waved his pad again, almost knocking Zodar of his seat.
Alota  took the pad again .."Phil suggest that the groups are as follows
Alpha - Phil, Keith
Beta - Jay, Canazza
Delta - Dean, Zodar
Also the next group to get modified basicaly join up with the first squad they can...Thats doesnt make much sense Phil...."
"oh right...What he ment to put was ...get your lazys arses into the machine and join up with each squad..."
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