eat ya heart out white wolf

Jay ran across to the tube, 'accidentally' opening his wings and sending MP and MPP across the room, where they smashed into opposite facing walls  and tried to peer inside, he could only make out the sillouhette of Alota inside which soon began to shift. At this point Zodar set Dean's tail alight again for good measure.
 "OWEE, OWEE, OW!" ooked Dean, leaping up and down on the control panel, and the smoke change colour to a vivid yellow. "DEAN! OFF THE CONTROL PANEL!" screamed Jay, trying to kep calm as he watched the silhouette continue changing.
Alota must have been possesed to go into the tube with dean going on the controls, knowing her luck she'd jumb out as this giant kipper, at least she could hit Dean to death, but know she didnt' feel wrinkly she felt furry and all squeaky
'erm oh crap' Alota began to say
"STOP THE MUTATION!" she shouted really loudly from inside the tube, bugger the sound proofing, she didn't like what she was turning in to at all, the mutation thingy stopped and the pirple gasey stuff started disappearing there she was, a medium sized mouse,
"What the hell?" she began in a high squeaky voice "And who turned on the helum?" she asked loudly, then she sae her paws "Ah mutation a success then" she said.  All was quiet for a moment until suddenly she pulled a kipper out from somewhere and screamed
"I'M GOING TO GET YOU DEAN THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" and scuttering after him.

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