hair bared scheme

          Who: Canazza, sorta Jay, Dean, Alota,  Weevils
          Where: good question.
          "Well do tell us for drake's sake!" said Dean, rising up from under a sea of teh hairy blighters. "I think that.. oh my god, are they? they are! Dude! These things                 eat your hair."
          "What?" said Timmy, confused, and falling off teh mound of weevils and collapsing on top of Canazza.
          "Well, this lot just removed my left eyebrow!" said Dean, swiping off the bunch of weevils from his face.
          "Oh smeg." said Canazza looking down, "and they eat clothes too."
          Timmy started laughing, glad he was a robot. Dean and Canazza started a dance, trying to get the rapidly mulitplying creatures off of their clothes and hair.
          <end SNIPet>

It was just then that Alota came crawling out of Parrotts. "You!" she shouted at Dean "Don't come any closer!" he yelled back. "Why?" she asked perplexed, "Weev... too late." Alota looked down, "ARRRRRGH!"looking down Alota saw that she was somewhat starting to lack in the clothes department, either that or Jay had been 'trying' to do the laundry again and the clothes had started that shrinking thing, Jay was the only person who could turn ballon pants into hot pants without even trying."Dean what have you done this time, and why are you bald?"Weevils." said Dean simply.
 "But, more importantly..." interrupted Canazza, who stopped stomping for a moment, "...why is their a bloke walking past in a peasant's outfit?""And why..." added Dean, continuing the theme "is there a pile of dung in the corner?""That's a good, ARGH!" said Alota, suddenly having to cover up certain pieces of her anatomy. "Quick, nick his outfit!""No!" yelled Dean, "In here." he beckoned towards McDonalds next door.
They legged it into Mcdonalds quite quickly, Dean and Canazza covering all there assests as they ran, what they ran into however, was another matter. It was rather weird, Disco lights and weird people on rollar skates dancing to saturday night fever, not to mention the huge shoes and really bad wigs. Crouching behind some random table Alota watched on as someone skated past.Waiting for the right moment (which was when they finally stopped moving) she tripped up someone on rollarskates and watched as they head butted the wall. Said wall looked like a rainbow on acid.
Making it unobvious to anyone she dragged said person over to the table and began stripping her down. After ten minutes or so Alota stepped out from behind the table in a really short skirt, tight top and flary bits to put Arnold rimmer to shame, along with the huge rollar skates. "Ok" she began "We have to get out of here before anyone suspects someone missing" she shouted, a little too loudly, luckily no one noticed, except for security which was currently heading towards them, mcdonalds happy meal in hand of course.Dean and Canazza suddenly reappeared, still starkers, but holding a drink each in one hand, covering their modesty with the other."Why don't you put clothes on?" she asked, "Why don't you?" Canazza replied. "What?" Alota looked down, already her latest acquisitions were being eaten away. "Quick! into the next shop along!" yelled Dean avoiding security by threatening to flash them.
"Christ." said Canazza "Literally" said Alota "We're in an abbey." said Dean, for the benefit of the readers they all stood in awe at the big shiney things, yes it was the spotlight on them because they'd just interrupted a sermon, and yes by now everyone was pretty much starkers. "Errrrr...." Dean began before anyone could say anything they legged it into a small room by the side of where they once were standing.Looking around the small room they could see several items of clothing around. Alota being the quickest grabbed the nuns outfit "This should do ok" she said starting to put it on. Dean saw a choir boys outfit and Canazza grabbed the vicars garb.
Semi dressed this was when Jay decided to call his wife, Alota being the woman that she was had her super techno babled mobile with added video projection on automatic answer. So the phone that she'd kept in her hand answered itself and an image of a semi dressed alota, dean and Canazza greeted Jay "Hello honey just to let you no i'm going to be la......what the hell is going on?" he bellowed looking at Alota then Dean then Canazza. suddenly the door to the room opened and in walked a choir master.
"Quickly" he said to Dean "Your solo is coming up i hope you practiced" "My solo?" Dean asked "EEEEEEEEEEK!" the choirmaster screached "Did your voice break or something? Quickly nun do something" "What?" Alota asked "I'll give you a quick hint, it starts with kick and ends with balls" he said before leaving, "Kick balls?" alota wondered.   "oh please, god no." said Jay down the comm line, "Why with those two of all people?" "What?" said Canazza, then suddenly realised, "oh, you don't think...." "nonsense." said Dean, "rubbish" said Alota, "it's Keith you got to..." started Dean before Alota did as the choirmaster requested.  "Hang on." said Dean, sounding like he was on helium. "how come you've still got hair Alota? even though your nun outfit no longer exists?"  Looking to Dean, alota began to wonder that too, "Erm let me think, do you use any products that are different to me, like hair and such, i mean the only thing that i can think of is my perfume or hairspray" she said thinking very hard.
"it's not perfume, because, well, jusging from it's powerfulness, i'd still be fullly clothed, it must be the hairspray!" said Dean, "Canazza? Let's o raid the CHrysler quarters." Alota coughed. "After you ma'am." said Canazza thoughtfully, following Alota out.
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