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<1890's tracksuit-wearing snip>
"Ok Jay" Tara said, a hint of frustration in her voice, "Where do we
find the nuclear fuel?"
Jay leant back on the bonnet of his car and pulled out a nav-
scanner. He help it up and pointed at the screen, Seymour, Tara and
Eve gathered round, Jay aimed the scanner at a nearby docked
submarine. "Right there" he said, as the scanners screen highlighted
the engine room with a faint orange glow.
<end 1890's tracksuit-wearing snip >
"Hmmm," Seymour pondered as he looked at the guards guarding the
gangplank from the dock to the submarine. "One would assume that the
job of those gentlemen would be to stop riff raff from getting onto
the ship, and reluctantly at the moment, (and of course only ever at
this moment) am I included in the term `riff-raff'. So maybe it best
to find a suitable disguise?"
Luckily the only other shop around from the hot dog stand was a
novelty costume shop where the group all piled into. The owner was
quite shocked when Efof, a 4 armed man who was already wearing a
caveman skin, a man wearing a Hawaiian shirt with a tie and jay who
was using this as an excuse to dress like a pimp walked into the
shop followed by two normal looking girls who had thought more
carefully about their 1980's outfits.
They tried different costumes on.
"Aaaaaw no fair!" whined Efof. "two of the four arms in this 4-armed
alien costume are stitched up. This would have been perfect for me
otherwise! What about the humans that actually DO have 4 arms?"
"Humans never have four arms!" Said Seymour from another dressing
cubicle and walked out wearing an Admirals naval uniform and fake
beard making him look like Captain Birds-Eye.
Jay came out of his cubicle dressed like a Ghostbuster. Eve came out
as a smurf and Tara as Marylin Monroe.
"Everyone please! Be serious!" Seymour pleaded.
After half an hour they all walked outside wearing proper naval
uniforms, and approached the nuclear sub.
Seymour nodded to the guards, one of whom winked at Jay in his navy
sailor outfit when he walked past.
***inside the submarine***
"okay we're in! Hang on wheres Efof!"
"I think we left him in the costume shop!" said Tara.
They looked outside and Efof was running up, wearing the closest
thing he could find to a naval uniform. But it actually turned out
to be a Startrek uniform.
The guards stopped him from entering.
"Sorry matey, you cant come in. That's not a navy uniform."
"it is I've seen them wearing it on a ship on your human TV…."
"human…TV… are you having us on?" said the guard. "hang on how many
arms have you got…?"
Then suddenly the guard was punched by Seymour from one side and the
other guard was blinded by Tara pulling his hat over his eyes and
Jay clobbering him on the head by a rifle he found on the floor.
As the guard went down he started gibbering in a Russian accent.
Then Jay looked at his weapon. "property of the KGB"
"Russian spies?" Jay questioned.
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