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Then Jay looked at his weapon. "property of the KGB""Russian spies?" Jay questioned.
<end snippiness>
"Looks like it..could have more than we bargained for" Tara said.
"But it doesnt make sense.." Jay said "Surely if they were Russian agents on a US sub they wouldn't be using thier own weapons, they'd be spotted a mile off by the US officers.."
"Whatever" Eve said "It's not our concern, we just need to get in and out without contaminating the timeline now lets get a move on"
"Just so you can go shopping" Jay said
The small group of Dwarfers headed along the corridor, Jay leading the way using his nav-scanner to map the sub's interior.
They passed another group of officers in the corridor, Eve an Tara standing either side of Efof in order to conceal his extra arms, thankfully he was still wearing a hat too..
After they had gone Jay spoke "Did anyone else notice that?"
"What?" Seymour asked, absently, he was frnakly more concerned with the large smudge that had appeared on his otherwise pristene uniform.
"They had russian weapons too..wasn't the USSR still active in the 1980's? The cold war still just about hanging around?" 
"The fears had died down alot..but the threat of nuclear war was still as real as ever"
"Then why are so many russian agents strolling around freely on a US sub?" 
Jay said
"The cold war?" Efof asked "Wasn't that the civil war between the different eskimo tribes?"
"No Efof" said Niples "That was the 2080's"
"Wait.." said Tara "What if the reason we've only seen Russian crew so far is because there IS only russian crew, this could be a russian sub!"
"No.." Jay said "They may be russian, but they are still in US uniforms, besides, there would have been no way in hell a soviet sub could dock in a US port in the mid eighties.."
"Well then theres only one explanation..." Eve said
"This sub has been hijacked by the USSR!"
"Anyone speak russian?" Seymour asked.
Everyone shook thier heads.
"This is gonna be tougher than I thought" Jay said. "Smegski...."
<Tagski Comrades!>
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