This is Kyle, aka Kai,
What is your (real) name?  Kyle ThomasWhat is your e-mail address?  Boomerang_the_great@...Section TwoThis section is about your characters vital statisticsYour character name: Kai ThomasYour character gender: MaleYour character's age:  Late teens, about 19Your character's nationality: WelshDesired Department: MedicalDesired Job (in department):  Either Deputy Chief Plastic Surgeon or just SurgeonSection ThreeYour character's physical appearance: Kai stands at 6ft, and weighs 12 stone, some muscle, but under small amount of fat. He has pure black eyes (he woke up with them after a heavy night of drinking. Still to this day does not know how he got them) and long silver hair (dyed, natural colour blonde) which goes down his back. Kai usually wears a black leather cape, a black shirt, tight PVC trousers and biker boots, even in the operating theatre. He has a small scar on the top right of his forehead from head-butting a fence (some-one spiked his drink and he swore the fence was looking at him).Your character's personality and interests: Kai has a chronic lack of common sense, and a brain that doesn't like to think too much. As a result, Kai can get himself into trouble fast and stay there. Other than that, he's an ok guy, friendly but tends to pout alot, and take offence quite easily but not act about it. Likes his drink, a little too much some people would say. This is apparent by the fact he can't remember most of his life due to alcohol. He also likes to read up on surgical science, mainly to know what the hell he is doing.Your character's history: Kai was born into a normal Welsh family. Well, as normal as you can get for the Welsh. A slacker for his early teens, Kai discovered the joys of drunkenness from his father. However, this added with his lack of common sense, got him into weird predicaments, like his abnormal eyes. One time Kai went to a university party, drunk far too much and woke up a few days later with a degree in surgical science. Not one to complain, Kai kept it and tried to find a job where he could become a surgeon and not get fired easily. After awhile, Kai found out about Blue Dwarf, and realised if it was as incompetent as its sister ship, he'd fit in well.Your character's favourite phrases/sayings:"Ah, now I know who ate the crazy flakes for breakfast.""Wait, I take that back! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!""Ok, who wants to bet the heart has 6 chambers?"
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