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Who:-Kai Thomas
Where:- Blue Dwarf
When: Multiple
(Just to say, I'm glad to be here.)
Confusion. Like a fog, it clouded the mind of the young surgeon as he
stepped out of the Med Bay. Silver hair covered most of his face,
which was a good thing because people usually were freaked by his
abnormal pure black eyes. Why he had them, he didn't know. The curse
of drink had struck him, turning him into a fool and erasing all
memory of the night, leaving him to ponder why the hell he had the
eye change.
Biker boots, covered in bits of blood squeaked as he walked down the
corridor. He had just preformed a operation in them, a unusual sight
in the theatre. But unlike the rest of the Medical staff, who knew
the importance of germ free clothing, he did not. They were trained
for this, and he was not.
After all, he never knew how he got his degree. It was in his hand as
he woke up from a party. The curse of drink had struck again.
The young man's name was Kai Thomas, a teenager who learnt all his
surgical experience from watching old shows like ER, and watching
doctors as he had his stomach pumped once again. A teenager with a
lust for booze, a common sense that went along time ago and never
left a address and a brain which was like a sulky teen which didn't
speak much. On the plus side, no-one would ever notice if he was
turned into a zombie.
Kai was currently trying to figure out what felt wrong as he was
doing the operation. The woman was a bit hairy. Well, all over her
body, rather like an ape. But Kai said nothing, he knew what some
feminists were like. The roaring did get on his nerves as he tried to
stem the bleeding from a severed hand, and having to kick off those
little chicken like lizards who were trying to bit little bits of
flesh off her was annoying. And what the hell was that scaly huge
bird that suddenly dropped down, picked up one of the nurses and flew
off with her screaming?.....................................
Kai suddenly stopped, his eyes would have lit up if they weren't
devoid of emotion.
"Wait! I know now!.................................Nope, that's not
it………………… YES!.................. no………………….
yes?.........................no………………….ah nuts!" Kai said, shrugging
his shoulders and starting forward again. He just blamed the pint of
J.D and wine he drunk this morning.
Then, it hit him!
"Damn roof supports!" Kai cursed as he got up from the floor, a huge
red mark on his forehead, sitting next to his scar. But then it
really hit him, his eyes widened as he looked around to the direction
of the Med Bay.
"Wait, those were Dinosaurs!................... Damn, I'm keeping off
the drink……………. Well, just tone it down a bit……………… sod it." Kai
said. He went to go back, until he saw Rio racing down the corridor,
her bullet wound quiet clear.
"Stop!" Kai said, standing in her way. "What the hell just happened
to you?" The silver-haired teenager asked, making sure his eyes were
covered by it.
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> Who:- Rio Lomaz
> Where:- Blue Dwarf
> When:- Multliple
> RIio walked groggily along the corridor, finally, after 14 trips to
and from the Island landing point, shuttling crew memebrs back and
forward to Blue Dwarf she could finally get some rest. Wasn't
particuarly fair, she mused that Jay and Efof get to have all the fun
on earth and Dean, only has to make one trip to Blue Dwarf, while
she, Kara and Amber spend the better part of 20 hours taking the
astro-grease monkeys that call themselves engineers back to the
> Although, she reminded herself the whole reason Dean only had to
make one journey was because most of the crew refused to fly with
him, those that did were held at gunpoint usually.
> Still on the navigation level, she decided a drink was in order
before retiring to her quarters for the night, and turned left to
enter the Pilot's Bar, the door's hissed open and she stepped
through. She didnt pay alot of attention to her surroundings, just
walked staright to the bar. "The usual.." she said wearily to the
bartender, without looking up.
> "Now how in tarnation am ah supposed to be knowing wit that is if
ah aint neva sin ya's aroond here before lil' lady"
> "Quit fooling Carl" she said "Im tired, I'm not in the mood"
> "Carl? Who in tarnation is Carl?"
> Rio looked up, with the intention of giving the bartended 'the
look' but sure enough, it wasn't Carl. In fact this wasn't even the
pilot's bar at all.
> "We serve's whisky and whisky only in here" the bartender said, and
he slid a bottle and glass along the bar to Rio.
> "What the hell is going on?" Rio asked
> She looked around the bar, the place was full of people in cowboy
costumes playing poker, in fact the bar itself looked a completley
different building, smeg, it WAS different, it was a western saloon.
> She felt a hand around her waist and a whisperng in her ear "You's
a purty thing, what say you me go upstairs and git....better
acquainted like"
> Rio pushed the man away and broke the whisky bottle over his head
for good measure, then bolted for the twin saloon doors that had
replaced the sliding doors. Running through, the found herself again
in Blue Dwarf's corridor, and the saloon doors were gone.
> "What the smeg?" she asked herself, and ran a hand across the doors
that once again, were the entrance to the Pilot's bar.
> Curious, she tried another door, this was the double door's to the
main shuttlebay, she tapped in her access code and speed through the
doors as they opened, normally, she'd have found a few docked
shuttle's and one or two maintenance staff. Instead she found herself
standing in on a beach. She looked back, the doors she had come
through looked to now be the boarding ramp of a small boat, of which
alot of armed men were charging out of, there were lots of these
boats landing up and down the beach, and there was a hell of a lot of
noise going on, looking back at the beach she saw several of the
armed men, falling, a few making it on and up the beach, the place
was littered with explosions, but there was something familiar about
the place. "Omaha beach..." she told herself "This is where my
parents used to bring me and my brothers as kids..where we stayed at
the French Villa..but..wait a second.." the body of a young man
flated up by her knees. "EW!!!" she screamed, "United States Army?"
she read off his helmet, she was interuppted from her train of
thoughts by a bullet ripping into her arm. "AAGH!! SMEG!" she
screamed, and clutched her arm to try and stop the bleeding, albeit
she bolted back, into the boat, diving past a hail of gunfire as she
did so, and crashed into the wall on the other side of Blue Dwarf's
corridor. "Its like the ship's split across different time periods.."
she mused "I gotta get to the drive room...AAH!" she winced in pain
at her bullet wound "First things first..."
> Still grabbing her arm she got up to leg it to sick bay, hoping
sick bay was still there.
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