The Bitch is back, well, not really as she never left....

ooc- woo, sorry chummers, been hard at work for me A levels, but im
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after several hours of walking it dawned on Keats WHY he 'joined'
(wink wink) the air corps, his legs were aching and his feet had more
blisters on than his maths teachers arse (how his class came about
this information is strictly classified). He sat down on a rock and
reached into his inside pocket, and his questing hand found what he
was looking for, his 'modified' hip flask. he held it in his grasp
and swigged back. 'ahh, nothing like storing home brew in a quantum
impossibility' (The JMC denies all knowledge of U.S. Jacks prototype
dimension vacuum, the technology is therefore classified and we
stress that it is NOT possible to store a bath tub full of home brew
into this 200ml hip flask. --Minister of Science--). It started to
snow heavily, Keats ran towards a small cave for
shelter. 'Goddamitheckandspit, what is this white crap?'
A sweet female voice filled up the awaiting reply 'Cher'
Keats turned round slowly and pulled out his shotgun that hed still
clinged onto from the 'Green December'. The women took a long draw
from her cigarette and clicked her fingers, two small prongs flew out
from the shadows, dug themselves into Keats Armour. He felt a tingle
of electricity, luckily the armour blocked the worst of it, and it
just caused his left arm to go numb. Backing out slowly, he faught
the cold bite, and he ran... The women blew a small ring of
smoke 'çàõâàòèòå òîãî ÷åëîâåêà', and she turned around. Keats ran as
fast as his little legs could take him, as he strated to tire, he saw
a small village.....
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