What do you mean...exatly

OOC : first off let me applogse for the crapness of this post...it was so F**** hot at work today that i fainted...yes I did....and I wasnt the only one with problems...so applogies in advance...now on with the plot
**note** for this plot to make sense , Phil and MP hav retrived their particles from the nuclear vessal in San Fransisco and are now traveling under cloak to redevour with Jay, Nipples etc...
"Yes....I'll admit...it was a strange mission..."
"Well I think that things started okay...I got us onto the boat, blagged that we were CIA operatives and that you were my cousin on a foreign exchange from Estonia..."
"10 mins to miami landing site sir...." said Phil's pilot
"When did it go wrong?....well I think it was as i was harvesting the last of the particles that going to help us push the BD back to out time and ...."
"E?" goaded MP, knowing what was coming next and loved hearing it again
"It went wrong when you flopped Mini-MP out and started shouting at the females cleaners....and I quote here..."Who wants to see an elephant with a large trunk...."
"Look, you were okay...they shot you out the torpedo tubes...do you know where i had to hide the particke collector?"
"Thank god it was small and round thats what i say...pass the soft cusion would you...."
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