My God! A Smooth Landing!

Keith shuddered, and quickly tied a blindfold around his head, matter of fact so did Dean, Kai and Canazza, even Rio, mini-phil kinda had that effect on people.
"Chrysler out, see you later honey." Alota cut off the comm  
"Well, they're looking for a pilot. I would send Amber, but as MP is on board, I think we'd be safer sending a bloke." Alota said, turning to look at Dean.
"What? Can I take off this blindfold yet?"
"Wait a minitue......." Kai said, taking the blindfold off for a few seconds to look at the bottle."Emblamling fluid? Oh well, its got a kick." Standing back up, Kai asked loudly."Two questions. Now what do we do? And the most important, what happened to the bar?"<END SNIP>
"It moved." Lomaz said, it's about 200 feet to your right and up a floor."
Kai blundered off.
"Rio, that's cruel." said Dean, removing his blindfold.  "You know that it's 200 feet to your left when you're up on the floor."
"Dean, unlike you, he usually comes out of the lift the right way round."
"Well, it's got sorrs on both sides. It's very confusing."
"Enough." said Canazza. "As Dean'll be flying he'll need an engineer to repair the damage when he lands. I'd better go too."
"God help you." said Keith, "I'm going to try and find something out about why I've got rocks in my skin."
"Man, that's freaky." said Rio, before heading off and following Kai off towards the Parrotts.
Alota, Canazza and Dean were left in the medibay.
"I suppose." said Alota, finally, "we'd better get some clothes on."
"If the virus has gone. If the ointment cured it." said Canazza.
"Well, I've not become a sheep. I think the ointment was fairly harmless."
"Oh, thinks he says." said Canazza.
"Come on, let's get some clothes. I'm coming with you to meet my husband."
"Probably a good plan, if you weren't there he might come after us with a spanner and attempt to remove a vital piece of our anatomies."
"Relax." said Alota, "I'll talk him down."
Dean and Canazza visibly relaxed.
The tension returned.
"Welcome to earth ladies and gents all assembled." said Dean into the comm. "We shall be arriving at our destination in around..." Dean glanced at the readout. "14 seconds. Adopt Dean position."
The bug landed. Smoothly.
"My God!" said Canazza, releasing his head from his hands.
"Amazing." added Alota.
Outside the bug, Jay could be seen giving Phil 100 dollarpounds.
"Come on, let's go in. If it's not Dean piloting mind, I want my cash back."
"Whatever." Phil led the party towards the landed bug.
The bug's ramp opened, and extended down towards the ground.
"My god." said Jay, "this bug is actally operating properly. I didn't know we had one with the landing ramp still intact."
Eve could be seen feeling for a BTL headset.
"Welcome aboard chaps and chapesses." said Dean, "all in? Let's go."
Jay turned to him. "You drive."
"WHAT?" yelled teh rest of the crew.
"I want my money back. If we crash at this end. That' 100 dollarpounds is mine Mr Febuggure." he said to Phil.
"Indeed. But if we land safely, it's another 100 to me."
"You'd better not be spending the money your going to be spending on my next anniversary present." said Alota, coming over to Jay.
"Um... no?" offered Jay in return.
"Correct Answer!" said Phil, before turning to strap himself in.
Dean "Wow, a smooth landing!" Thomas

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