Re: My God! A Smooth Landing!

Kai walked off in his merry way, heading towards the bar with
thoughts of warm brown liquid sliding down his throat. It sent little
shivers down his spine. No, wait, it was the cold. Well, Kai was
still in his underpants. He stopped for a second, remembering some
rule they had in the pub. No shirt, no shoes, no service. Kai sighed
and muttered. This was stopping him from drinking, and that was a
major sin against Kai.
//Well, I still have shoes on. Mayby I can stick half of myself into
the pub..................... no, wait, thats a dumb idea. How the
hell will I drink without spilling my pint?// Kai thought. The idea
of spilling booze was like a monk blaspheming against God. Against
every single moral fiber in their bodies.
Kai took a detour, racing to his second home. His first was Parrots
bar. If only they didn't close and allowed him to sleep on one of the
pool tables, he'd never leave. Panting a bit from the run, Kai opened
his door slightly and saw what was within, his pure black eyes wide
with disbelife.
"Must be due to the time pockets around the ship." Kai said to no-
one. Taking a deep breath, Kai raced in.................
20 mins later, Kai stepped out of his room. Clad only in his
underpants and a smile that was far too big for his face, Kai stood
outside, wishing some-one was there to brag to. A few seoncds past
before he realised not only was no-one around, but he was still in
his underpants. Kai's huge smile manged to grow a small bit, and he
raced back in, slaming the door.
About 10 mins later, Kai came back out, his black shirt untucked, his
hair plastered all over his face and the smile still remained. Time
to go to Parrots. He was about to close the door when a voice drifted
out from the room, sliky and soft.
"Kai hunny, where are you going?"
"Just going down the bar Marilyn. I'll be back soon." Kai said,
closing the door and chuckling to himself. Marilyn Monroe, what a
Goddess. No-one would believe him though, say he was drunk again.
Those fools. He was always drunk!
Kai spoted Rio at the bar, shrugging and sitting next to her.
Ordering his usual, a triple whiskey and Guiness, Kai said:
"So when are the team coming back? I guess I'll have to go down to
see if theres any medical emgerencies."
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<chris_allan669@h...> wrote:
"It moved." Lomaz said, it's about 200 feet to your right and up a
Kai blundered off.
"Rio, that's cruel." said Dean, removing his blindfold. "You know
that it's 200 feet to your left when you're up on the floor."
"Dean, unlike you, he usually comes out of the lift the right way
"Well, it's got sorrs on both sides. It's very confusing."
"Enough." said Canazza. "As Dean'll be flying he'll need an engineer
to repair the damage when he lands. I'd better go too."
"God help you." said Keith, "I'm going to try and find something out
about why I've got rocks in my skin."
"Man, that's freaky." said Rio, before heading off and following Kai
off towards the Parrotts.

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