Comrade Rescue-ski

'Ok, Jack, seal up the door, any second now theres gonna be a hell of alot more of these guys coming through here....End Snip
Jack tried to do as he was asked, problem being he was still pissed from the contents
of Keat's hip flask. That and it looked like someone was trying to force the door from the other side.
"Stand aside Jack" Keats said and aimed his gun at the door.
"Nice one..." slurred Jack, drunkenly "Now when a whooooooolle army of rusisishan solshurs..hee..i cant spik straight..youre gonna take em all on wiv one litttlle iddy biddy gun..."
"Well you gotta better idea?!"
"Lemme take em on..." he said punching the air, like a madman.
At this point the doors were thrown open, Keats help up his gun, Jack took a swing at the first person to walk through the doors, missed and fell face first on top of Mini-Phil, as he walked into the complex.
"WOAH!" Jay shouted in Keat's direction "Drop the gun man!"
"Lt. Cmdr?" Keats asked, then saw Alota, Efof, Seymour and Phil walk in. "Captain, Ensign, did you guys know how to find us."
"Picked up your we were heading back home...y'know most people choose Greensleeves as thier hold music" Alota said.
Jack decided know was an appropriate time to vomit on Seymour's shoes, thus makiing the ambassador have a near breakdown.
"Come on" said Phil "I wanna get back to the dwarf and check my credit card statement.." he said, glaring at Jay as he said this having earlier found a set of Chevrolet Corvette key's after Jay dropped them.
"Be nice to get back in a nice, heated Starbug" Keats said as they headed for the exit.
"Actually were in the 'Eagle" Jay informed his staff member.
"Hang on.." keats said "That can only fit four people..theres seven of us..eight if you count that thing.." he pointed at Jack rather than Mini-Phil at this point.
"Well I'm driving, so I guess someone will have to sit on your lap." Jay said  "And It better not be Alota!"
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