Re: This message is a *Moderator Warning* in reply to Becca\'s suggestion.

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> Im gonna jump on the same bandwagon and say all in fun,
That's why she's only getting a *warning* as my message title says. I
don't believe she did much harm. But that doesn't mean certain other
people will see it the same way. (Particularly the authorities, who
sometimes get pretty anal about stuff like this.)
As one of my supervisors used to like qouting to me, "Man says
ignorance of the law is no excuse. And with so many people failing to
ignore law of gravity amongst others must mean that God thinks
stupidity isn't a good enough excuse either..."
So I think it's needless to say that my 'warning' isn't all that
bloody bad, compared to what others could've have done in response.
Especially considering the profanity she used in her post to my group,
that in itself would've gotten her into trouble with some of the
moderators of other groups, possibly even banned from them. I think
I'm being fairly lenient by only giving her a warning.
Heck, if this matter were being handled by Morbid, I think he would've
nuked her completely out of the group without a second thought for
just what she posted here. Am I not right?
- White Wolf
PS - Oh, and if you *still* think I'm being much too harsh with Becca,
Let me point out that I've gotten more than my fair share of an earful
about how we're giving way too much of a 'kid gloves treatment' to
some people here in the BD compared to others who didn't get nearly
that much. And unless you three want to open up a can of worms about
favoritism and nespotism amongst the council members & moderators - I
wouldn't gripe too loudly about my being 'too harsh' for giving this
warning, because your only giving validity to such arguements.
And secondly I am *trying* to be as fair about this to others as much
as towards Becca - and there's a real fine line between the two. It's
a given that *somebody* is going to be upset (with me) regardless
which way I go with the enforcement of them. (For example, if I
didn't hand out a warning, some people would be upset because they got
one for similar infractions. And in this case, you guys think I'm
being harsh...) So you see, either way, I can't win on this one.
(Other than by enforcing the rules equally...)
And this is a burden I don't like bearing anymore than Morbid did,
especially since I generally like to think that I'm a good guy, rather
than the alternative. So cut me some smegging slack, Okay?
Now pardon me while I go and try to finish writing up my gamepost for
WW's return that's been interrupted three times already today. Sheesh.
It's a small wonder I that get *any other* writing done anymore! Uh
oh - what's that roaring sound? Oh good gravy, I think it's another
tidal wave of IM's & emails coming in. ARGH! :)

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