Re: my ever so kind *warning* from our lovely resident hamster

ok, everybody here knows i have a temper. this has made me quite angry.
im sorry guys the more i thought about it the more i had to e-mail.
ww you want this public then i can do that too.
As a moderator of the BD and Network administrator by
profession, I feel I must point out what your advocating here is
basically 'Email Bombing'.indeed, although i would like to point out sarcasm, like the title of this e-mail infact! If you are condeming what I said, are you therefore supporting him?
Plus I must also say that I, personally, am rather disappointed
with you on account that I've only been back online for the better
part of one dayNice of you to introduce yourself to the new players and say you are actually back then, instead of going off on a rant in your first post back.
and find that you've posted two different 'angry' messages in both my
own PBEM group and here in the BD, which are completely out of line.ok
A) the message in cendri was out of line and i appologised for it
B) really it has no place in BD
C) two angry messages? enlighten me...
So I'm *politely* asking
that you not make matters anymore worse for me (or anyone else).are you telling me to shut up or quit. If you are provoking me just say it. if you want me to quit say it i dont want to belong to a group that doesn't want me.
Besides, you wouldn't want to be dealing with one really pissed off
Hamster, Right? :)you have the nerve to put a smily at the end!
- White Wolf
(A BD moderator) funny, you didn't talk to anybody else about this. I thought the Mod's were supposed to be a team, hmmm.. interesting.
That's why she's only getting a *warning* as my message title says. I
don't believe she did much harm.*smells something funny on the air*
(Particularly the authorities, who
sometimes get pretty anal about stuff like this.)like you then?
As one of my supervisors used to like qouting to me, "Man says
ignorance of the law is no excuse. And with so many people failing to
ignore law of gravity amongst others must mean that God thinks
stupidity isn't a good enough excuse either..."are you calling me ignorant or stupid? i refer to my earlier point, you got summit to say say it to me.
So I think it's needless to say that my 'warning' isn't all that
bloody bad, like all the ones before WW old chum.
Especially considering the profanity she used in her post to my group,
that in itself would've gotten her into trouble with some of the
moderators of other groups, possibly even banned from them. I think
I'm being fairly lenient by only giving her a warning.yes i swear, i swear rather a lot ask my mates. I know i swear its part of the package deal you get with me.
so ban me... oh wait you can't i just quit cendri didn't I...
Heck, if this matter were being handled by Morbid, I think he would've
nuked her completely out of the group without a second thought for
just what she posted here. Am I not right?he tried to before. Me and Amanda, and look where it got him. Im like a cockroach you cant get rid of me with idle threats.
And unless you three want to open up a can of worms about
favoritism and nespotism amongst the council members & moderators - I
wouldn't gripe too loudly about my being 'too harsh' for giving this
warning, because your only giving validity to such arguements.*points to the open can* too late.
And secondly I am *trying* to be as fair about this to others as much
as towards Becca - and there's a real fine line between the two.are you saying that there is a fine line between me and everybody else? It makes me feel so special....
And this is a burden I don't like bearing anymore than Morbid did,
especially since I generally like to think that I'm a good guy, rather
than the alternative. So cut me some smegging slack, Okay?you dont like the burden then dont bear it. if your a good guy why publicly flame me instead of privatly, or do you nnot think thats going to work with me anymore?
It's a small wonder I that get *any other* writing done anymore! so thats why cendri is always neglected... hmm not my problem anymore ne way.
oh - what's that roaring sound? Oh good gravy, I think it's another
tidal wave of IM's & emails coming in. ARGH! :) everybody else deals with it. what makes you different? is it because you are older than the rest of the group you think you are special or summit?

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