stepping into the action

"oh my god, i love this sword" said jack, swinging it around, but as
he held it up above his head, in a He-Man style, a taxi flew down too
low and got caught on the tip, Jack was too excited about the
easiness that it cut through the bottom, the taxi started spurting
smoke, and flew off round a corner, the driver probably didn't know
what hit him as a large bang could be heard all around, Jack jumped,
with a worried look on his face, he turned the sword off and put it
in its sheath, and walked off to a restaurant whistling as he went,
in the whole 'i didn't do it' stylee.
As he got closer, he could hear shouting, he could tell those voices
a mile away, the most common sounds on the BD, other than engine
sounds... Alotta and Jay. As he got closer, he heard one sentence
before they stopped, possibly in thought, and that sentence, spoken
by Alotta was "We need a way to get into the 'Dwarf, weren't there
some secret entrances to be used when the ship gets locked down for
some reason?!?"
Jack walked through the door, they stopped and looked at him, a smile
broke across their faces slowly.
"Jack..." alotta began. "can your sword cut through the 'Dwarf?"
"wha?.." he replied "i wouldn't know, its not something i generally
test my weapons on.." he said, with another worried look on his face,
this time he was worried about the sanity of his commanding officer.
"why?" he added, in the uneasy silence.
"oh, no reason..." she finished, her eyes flickered in thought,
looking up to the ceiling...
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