OOC- Web stats

I was just reviewing the BD website statistics today, and you can
tell quite a lot about who visits the site, and where from (1 person
visited us from Korea this month!)
and you can see what people typed in to find th site from search
engines. And theres the usual "blue dwarf" people typed in google to
find us, and some bizarre wordings like "dwarf midget entertainers"
and I found it quite bizarre that someone typed in "blue niples"...
riiight.... but anyway. A keyword phrase that I didnt expect anyone
to have typed in ato find out website was
........"famous elephant rampages"
Now i'm thinking... what the hell do we have to do with elephant
rampages?????!!!! And this dude who was obviously looking up
historical information must be pretty bummed when he found us!
so I typed it into google, and we're on the 2nd page!!!!!!! And
thats pretty good as we're either on the 2nd or first page for more
expected keywords.
Its cos if something mentioned on the History page, so nothing too
exciting, its just a very bizarre way to find us.
Anyway the sites doing very well, the web-games page brings a lot of
interest to the site, expecially the silly little David Blaine game,
which is doing better now than while he was in the box for some

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