A Short Mental Episode

"Hic - The midget says "it's far too perleious hereeeeeee."
"I must face the peril, as an eaertyhh repsentativ...Keats stop the room
swaying will you..."
"Sure Phil...I too have been a bataaasrrd...I must be punished as well...I
DID show my bottom didn’t I?"
"Yes, you did...God I need a poop right now"
"He says it far too perilous.. and you must leave..."
"I bet he's gay." shouted Phil as MP dragged him off.. Obliviously to the
fact that Keats had got caught as well and was now being dragged by the same
<End Clip>
Dante had his finger in his ear, tapping his foot impatiently on the floor.
“Hi you’ve reached SEYMOUR NIPLES, Prince of F**king Darkness, leave your
message after the tone………………… Jack, Jack How do you turn off this F**king
Thing? BLEEP.”
“Err what’s all that about? Ambassador sir, Phil and Keats are in trouble.
Need, Oh Hi little guy, Good Day Sir.”
Dante wiped off a brilliant salute as MD dragged Phil and Keats passed him.
“Dante how the devil are you old boyyyyyyyy? Are you getting tortured as
well good grub isn't it!” mumbled Phil, in his drunken state.
“I am fine Sir and the food isn’t too bad. Well like I was saying we might,
well maybe I might have started an intergalatical war. And Phil and Keats
have just……… just gone passed me Smeg!”
Dante turned and sprinted down the corridor. As he exited the damp corridor
he was blinded by he sun.
“Ahh my eyes, Smeg OW.”
Another memory flashed past Dante’s eyes. He was standing back at how with
his rifle in his hand. Watching as half his platoon was wiped out by the
defence systems of a large light blue ship. Dante roared but his instinct to
charge was put on hold as his mission again flashed before him on his
in-visor screen. Primary Objective: Destroy central core.
Dante snapped out of the daydream and sprinted left as he exited the
corridor. The Dwarf could be seen in the distance as Dante made his way
through the Aeron city, it looked like he wanted to sneak round the dwarf.
----After much sneaking later----
Dante arrived at the side of the Dwarf looking intent to get in.
“Mini Phil!” Tara shouted “You saved them from execution!”
“EE?” Mini-Phil was confused; he’s just wanted to show them both the cloud
he’d spotted shaped like a pair of breasts.
“Whass goin on?” Phil asked, “Where are my feet?”
“On the end of your legs mate” Jay said
“WOW! How’d they get there?”
“…Magic sweetie…” Tara said, magic explained everything when Phil was drunk.
Dante aimed his rifle at Jay’s head but then lowered it again something told
him that might just compromise his mission. Dante snuck round the ship and
was examining the damage to BD caused by the collision with one of the large
skyscrapers, when…
“Dante Bu…” N.S.D was half way through saying buddy when Dante had spun
round and lifted him of the ground a good 2 ft by his neck.
“What are you doing here.” Snarled Dante.
“I got bored on board and thought I would see where everyone had got to.”
“ON BOARD, how did you get off.”
“Are you feeling all right mate.” Dante slammed N.S.D’s head off the side of
“How did you get off.”
“Over there, there is a hole, in the hull.” Dante dropped N.S.D and stalked
over to where N.S.D had pointed.
“There’s no hole!” spat Dante. He turned round to see N.S.D running in the
direction of Alotta, Jay and the drunken couple, (Phil and Keats, as well as
Tara and Jack and the others.
“Smeg, if they find me I will be captured got to hide.”
“Dante… Dante mate. Where you goin? hic.” Shouted the very drunk Phil.
“Dante where’s Amber.” Dante froze, then collapsed on the floor.
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