Re: A Short Mental Episode

"There's no hole!" spat Dante. He turned round to see N.S.D running
in the direction of Alotta, Jay and the drunken couple, (Phil and
Keats, as well as Tara and Jack and the others.
"Smeg, if they find me I will be captured got to hide."
"DanteĀ… Dante mate. Where you goin? hic." Shouted the very drunk
"Dante where's Amber." Dante froze, then collapsed on the floor.
At that very moment, Amber and Johnny were under the water in
Johnny's craft, with Amber behind the wheel, familiarising herself
with all the controls.
"What's this button do?" Amber asked, pointing to a certain spot on
the controls.
Johnny found the appropriate section in the manual and
responded "It's for taking out your enemies engines or something."
"Ah, just what we need to stop the sub." Amber said as she pushed the
At that moment, a wooshing sound came from beneath the craft, and
they spotted an unusual thing shooting out from the craft - about 10
Johnny thought for a second before speaking "Um, maybe that is for
taking out atmospheric turbines - like those on Keatsy's plane."
Then the geese thudded into the sub before exploding. Unfortunately,
it was extremely small - just enough to turn their attention to Amber
and Johnny.
"Think quick, flyboy." Amber said. "We need to stay alive here -
these Eniram are merciless killers."
"Amber, I've been thinking." Johnny spoke.
"Don't strain yourself."
"It was these people who captured me, and this craft. Why didn't
they kill me when they had the chance?"
"Well, maybe they wanted you to steal it from them." said Amber, as
she guided the craft out of range from the deadly sub.
"Or, on the other hand, maybe just one wanted me to succeed - maybe
either us or the Aerons have a spy or two in the Eniram's employ."
"Enough talk, Johnny - we had better have our wits about us if we
don't want to be smeared all across this ocean floor."
Amber flipped the switch to arm the missiles and prepared to shoot.

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