The source, or nearly anyway...

Jack had just pulled keats through the window, then heard glugging,
as one of the wine bottles had a small crack in it and was pouring
slowly onto the floor, he jumped over and grabbed it, guzzling it
down giving a hefty belch afterwards. "damn, this is good stuff for
wine!" he said, still perfectly sober. He then ran over to the door,
Jay was on one side, with the de-rigidiser. Jack stood at the other
side, nodded, and counted down with his fingers, 3,2,1. He hit the
door open button, and jay jumped out, scanning the area, while jack
jumped out behind, sword ready, looking the other way.
"To the drive room!" jay said, running off in that direction, Jack
caught up easily, leaving alota behind to pull the drunkards with her.
She grumbled to herself, and followed slowly, "i'll get you for this"
she said quietly.
They ran together, checking each and every corridor, every room, for
the cause of the dwarfs movement earlier. They reached the drive
room, with surprisingly little happening along the way. They set up
camp, waiting for alota to bring the two staggering escaped convicts.
"we don't know whats in there, we'll need alota's help to take out
whatever it is" jay explained, they stood up against the wall on
either side of the door, and waited.
They got bored rather quickly, and slouched down on the floor, Jack
cut small chunks out of the walls with his sword, turning them into
dice. Jay and Jack then began a game of Yatzee...
<tag, i hope you know how to play yatzee Jay!)

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