MMph Split Personality Sindrom

OOC- Welcome Newbies, meet your deranged security colleague Dante.
“Charlie, this is Delta one, come in Charlie.”
“Hey Dude what’s happening?”
“Charlie this thing in my ear can I call anyone on it.”
“Yea Sure all you have to do is say the name of the person you want to speak
to and hay presto, you have contact.”
“Okay cheers dude, where are you?”
“I am in science at the mo, why do you ask?”
“Well you see everyone seems to be breaking into the ship through a wobbly
window, for some reason, I need you to keep an eye on things from up there.
Is there any way you can stop me blacking out?”
“I’m working on it. In the meantime you might want to try and find Jay and
that lot but try not to black out again.”
“Okay speak to you soon, Dante out. Jay, Jay this is Dante come in please.”
<End Clip>
“Jay this is Dante come in please. Why is it today that everyone is ignoring
“I’m not, I am always listening.”
“If only I had respect, some form of authority, maybe, just maybe people
would pay attention.
“I have authority, let me speak to them, they will soon respect you.”
“I know, what if I find out stuff on Amber then Phil, will promote me. Maybe
then I will get respect.”
“Why go through the trouble let me deal with them.”
“Right first things first. Where’s Amber?”
“You don’t need a promotion, you just need me.”
“Holly, where’s Miss Amber Cleavage-Febuggure.”
“Belay that order.”
“Sorry Mr Wendigo, I’m confused did you want me to locate Amber or not.”
“That’s what I said didn’t I. So where is she.” Holly gave Dante a very
bizarre look, and disappeared.
“I told you, you only need me.”
“Miss Amber was last seen in Hanger 4 with Johnny. Tinkering with an unknown
craft. They took the craft for a ‘Test Drive’ and our sensor’s lost them as
they hit the ocean surface and submersed.”
“No one was around to tell.”
“Leave her she’s dead, we will conquer the humans together.”
“Are you alright Mr. Wendigo?”
“Mmph yea I’m fine, what ships are left that would substain underwater
“Nearly all of them, but you are only licensed to fly the craft you arrived
“See it’s useless you will never catch them in that.”
“What would be the fastest and most manoeuvrable vessel to use under water
“Probable the Phoenix BUT YOUR NOT insured!” Holly began to call after the
now sprinting Dante but gave up. “And I don’t think Jay will be very happy
about that. Speaking off Jay I don’t think he’s finished putting Phoenix
back together.”
To be continued but feel free to tag to it.
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