The Jack that Jack forgot...

"Guys, would you keep it down in there? I mean, Gene splicing is hard
enough to do without the Loud Bastardville Samba band go-" Wildflower
then noticed the two other people in the room, and froze. ".....Uh,
I'll call back."
<end clip>
Keats, Jack, Jack and some other Jacks looked at each other, a real
feat seeming they were all at different corners of the room.
'Ummmm... was that who i thought it was.....'
Keats stared at the monitor and shiverd.
'Eugh... how DID she pass the physical examination...'
'Enough Talking!' said Pilot Jack 'Kill them quickly Jacks!'
'Ummmm... do we have to kill them... i mean... couldnt we just... co-
exist?' said a personality neither Keats nor Actual Jacks could place.
'NO we cant! now smeg off before we re-route you through seymours
computer files again!'
The persona sighed and disapeared...
'Who was that, pray?' Keats asked, blocking a twirling cable.
'Dunno... never heard him before...' Jack admitted, truthfully...
'That, soon to be deceased ones, was a lame persona, a defective one,
apparantly, according to im, hes an officer... but we doubt it very
much, now... where was i...'
A large lump of ceiling fell, narrowly avoiding Jack, whos reflexes
made a teroid infused cat look like Jay and phil the moring after a
curry guzzler evening. It retracted.
'Damn it Jack, i hope you got a plan....'
'I may just.... wheres Wildflower....'
'I dun..OUCH! the hell, it got me, dang that stings!'
A small cable was lying limp next to Keats. A small trickle of blood
moistend his neck.

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