Bowling for Horsemen

The figure's horse stepped forward into the light. "Hello again, always a
"Um..Phil?" Jay whispered "Didn't I kill him?"
Phil just shrugged.
"Yes Mr Chrysler" Evil Phil said, apparently hearing Jay's whispering voice
across a fair distance "You did kill me..figured it was time I repaid the
"Wot? But I'm trying to clear my credit card this month!" replied one of the
"Oh forget it, just attack!"
<end snip>
The riders began to charge down at the crew, many of whom were considering
charging away in blind smegging terror. McJohn watched the specticle from a
ledge on the wall, cradling Dean's head in his arms.
Dean's head, sick of being carried around by a psychotic imbecile, bit
McJohn's hand savagely. McJohn was instantly cured of the effects of the
Gollem Booth, and let out a vicious stream of expletives ending with an
intimate reference to the head's mother, and threw it down at the charging
The head swelled up suddenly to the size of a small boulder and knocked over
the riders like a giant bowling ball. Dean's face contorted is absolute and
utter terrified perplexion. The head shrank back to normal size as it
rolled to a stop in front of the crew.
"Ow...I think I broke my nose!" said the head.
"Smegging hell," said someone, "we need that guy on our bowling team!"
McJohn heard this and responded in a manner which, although lacking in wit,
was perfectly clear to everyone with an IQ over 5.
"I'll join whatever you want, JUST GET ME THE SMEG DOWN FROM HERE!!!"

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