Meeting Seymour

'Keats... damn it... if only id watch the program on emergency medical
procedures instead of that tracking one...'
Keats stirred, and stood up, a glad look in his eyes.
He looked at himself, then at his hands, and laughed.
'Close, but no cigar. I am... was a persona of Jack. I am the Jack
that consisted of the Brigadier, I entered Keats a few standard days
ago. I am now in control, Keats' persona’s ok, but unconscious, I
shall assist you now'
<End Clip>
Dante by now was used to the odd stuff that went on around the Blue Dwarf
now but he still wasn’t very bright and it took awhile for him to put 2 and
2 together and make 6. I didn’t help that his strongest emotion was still
“Run that by mean again Keats mate.”
“Okay, but its Jack. You have read BD’s history files right,”
“Erm Yes.” Dante lied.
“I think that was really a no. Okay here we go…”
Keats began to explain to the bemused Dante how Jack had thought he could do
every job on the ship and had a personality for each. And how Keats was now
controlled by one of said personalities.
“okay I understood about three words there but hey who cares.” Dante turned
and polished the bronze plate on the wall.
“Throne Room

“Dante, shouldn’t you rub off the rest of the sign?”
“Nah come on Keats this way.”
“Its Jack.” Jack/Keats barged past Dante and walked in the direction of the
arrow. As Dante followed mumbling something about officers being moaning
bastards, he brushed past the plate and the rest of the dust came off.
“Throne Room &
Swamp of Ur’Undies >”
Keats/Jack’s head poked round the corner of the throne room. Dante’s head
appeared above his. Keats/Jack jumped out into the room Gun™ in hand. Dante
slid back behind the wall then followed. Landing next to Keats/Jack his
rifle glowing in his hand.
“That looks a bit obsolete.” Commented the Gun™. Dante’s rifle mad a low
buzz fired and destroyed the round table in front of the throne.
“Easy baby easy.” Whispered Dante to his weapon. Giving Keats/Jack a sly
grin. The Gun™ was charging up when Keats/Jack flicked a switch. “No need to
sink to his level.” He grinned back. Dante couldn’t stop his rifle blowing a
largish hole in the wall opposite. Coughing could be heard as the dust
settled. The Gun™ and Dante’s rifle sprang to life again and the aimed the
weapons at the new hole.
Cough, cough.
“Hang about I recognise that pathetic cough… Ambassador get your royal
buttocks out here.” Yelled Dante lowering his rifle and pushing the Gun™
down as well.
The now dust covered Seymour pulled himself through the hole and dusted
himself off. “My third best suit,” he mumbled to himself.
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