ooc : as yahoo seems to be being mucho gay at the moment...this may
arrive twice...
Phil was not a happy bunny...not only had he seem to have sliped in
time by a few days(ooc:my lame reason to explain why i not been
posting...) But...(with a capital B)...
a - Tara had not givin him any cholocate muffins.
b - Amber was messing about with Keats(although was okey about this,
it was fun watching Keats thinking he WASNT okey about it)
c - Rufus had joined the worst department on the ship...nay the fleet
d- Jay had still not returned his bike
e - Rufus was working with Cerebrum
To help allay his troubled mind...and because he was bored(crime on
the ship had been at a all time low, even since MP's sugeestion of
the "maim them on sight" had taken effect), he decided to start
tinkering with one of the Archivers object he grapped on his last
jaunt into their future.
The stupid thing was he was using parts from the Time Fridge.*
MP was helping by trying to cheer him up by showing him what Dean
and Jay were doing with Cerebrums light bee and projection unit.
"heheh..thats cool...hand me the widget would you? The blue one"
This was when Phil's 6th worst thing to happen to him this week
MP handed him the red one.
Phil, being distracted by an mage of Cerebrum doing the macarena
instred the widget into the gun he was building...
" for a small test run..."
The resulting explosion shook the ship..which was odd because no
damage was done...
**20 mins later, after Phil was woken up by MP trying to give him
the kiss of life **
"oooh midget...why you the same size as me..."
"Your're right...i;m now...why are my clothes so big...why am i
talking in a high pitched voice...."
MP simply handed phil a small mirror.
The 6th worst thing...Phil now was about 8 years old...
*=See a VERY old storyline for info about the time fridge

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