**SOTM March 2004**

*JHXMT stumbles onto the spotlight stage, looking very dishevelled*
Ahem. Hola! Midway through writing an excruciatingly painful essay
I realised that it was the first of April, and so decided to come on
here and post the latest SoTM award rather than finishing it!
However, I've decided there isn't one! Bye!
(Oh come on, it's the first of April, I had to!)
Okay, so: without further ado, the winner of Simmer of the Month for
March 2004 is...
*drum roll*
Johnathon Frederick Keats and Amber Cleavage-FeBuggure!
Yes, I had to award a joint SoTM award, simply because the whole arc
going on between these two has given rise to a nice series of posts
that are highly enjoyable to read.
Having said that, there were a lot of good posts this last month and
I admit that I had to trawl back over them to try and make this
So, you two, now you're the ones who have to keep an eye on the posts
rather than doing coursework etc. ;) Good luck!
*stumbles off the stage and is immediately swamped with paper*
- Chris (JHXMT)

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