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CK was walking down the endless coridoors of Blue Dwarf carrying a large bottle of whiskey. He'd been thinking about Aurora again, and he'd relised that he hadent seen her since Dante had left.
"She must be really gutted now." he thought to himself as walked towards her quarters. He decided to push is feelings for her aside, he was her friend and she needed him more than ever right now. Of couce as her friend it was noe time for him to get her drunk and talk to her about her problem.
As he walked Callum was thinking about how much he loved Aurora, Was there ever a chance it could work? No, they were almost best friends now he couldn't jeprodise there friendship like that.
He thought about how if he hadn't ran away from that they she was affected by the love virus then they could have got together. He reached the door and pressed the bell.

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