"Niples" Seymour's OWN meeting

Who: everyone who came from the Raven
Where: Medibay
When: after the following snippet
The Tree picked up the paddles.
*Rustle!* It said and shocked Keto. The monitors showed a steady
heart beat and Tara breathed a sigh of relief. As much as she didn't
like Xavier she couldn't let his body die,
'I mean, what would he say? He'd probably fire me again' she thought.
"What now?" Wildflower asked. Tara shrugged.
"I guess we call a department head meeting." She said.
<end snip>
"Good idea!" Said Seymour puffing his chest out. "Everyone join me
in the Conference Lounge!"
People started kicking their feet and filed out of the medibay
towards the drive-room.
***Conference Lounge***
Everyone entered the room and sat down around the big conference
table. Seymour strolled in last like he owned the place, when
suddenly Alota stood and stopped straight in front of him, arms
"You know the rules Mr Ambassador, no civilians allowed in official
ship meetings. Department heads only!"
"Poppycock! I'm a-"
"A royal Ambassador yeah, NOT a department head. Sorry but you'll
have to wait outside."
"This is an OUTRAGE!" Seymour erupted. "I made this ship what it is!"
"You're the one to blame!" shouted a voice behind Alota that Seymour
couldn't see, just before someone else shouted "Hold him back!"
There was a long awkward silence as Seymour and Alota stared at each
other arms crossed as Seymour tried to out-scowl her.
The rowdy bunch of department heads in the room made general
whooping noises and banged their fists on the table to add to the
Finally Seymour dropped his arms and walked out of the room, making
a big song and dance about doing so.
Alota slammed the door in his face, narrowly missing his
nose. "Outrage!" he could be heard saying through the muffled door.
"okay people, we have a bit of a problem, our chief medical officer
and surgeon has had his brain removed…"
"I'd say the number one problem is the homicidal murderer in the
medical bay!" said an annoyed voice.
"Quiet Seymour!" Alota shouted at the door. "You aren't part of this
"Fine!" Came his voice from outside, then I'll have my OWN meeting
in Parrotts, with alcohol charged to the Royal estate, ie Free!"
He could be heard stomping off. "Free alcohol?" Said Phil, him and a
few others standing up.
"Sit down!" Said Alota.
**Later, down in Parrotts**
Seymour sat around a grimey table with Mark McJohn, Chris Harris,
John Keats and a few other lower crewmembers, plus more general
wasters who just turned up thinking they'd get pre-paid booze.
"Okay fellow crewmembers. You are the people that really make the
difference on this ship… the crew… the cogs of the machine…the soul
and body of this vessel!"
"Yeah, I almost fixed a chicken soup machine today!" said McJohn.
Seymour groaned. "Oh my god, I'm trying to have an intelligent
conversation with amateurs! This couldn't get any worse!"
"Hello pals!" Said Efof spinning a barstool around to sit on it and
accidentally sliding off.
"Ooh whoops erm… sorry about that I'm still not quite used to
chairs, back on Ffion we sat in …erm…huge carved out melons!"
"Really?" asked Harris.
"No of course not!" Butted in Seymour. "He's just clumsy and using
it as an excuse, can you imagine anyone sitting in a huge melon?!"
Efof looked around sheepishly. "so… anyone for a drink?"
Seymour handed over a credit card with a picture of the British
Royal family's coat of arms. "Here, this is a card that charges
straight from the Queen's bank account. Get everyone a drink.
Whiskey or wine everyone?"
"Lager for me" Said one. "And me…"
"Hold it!" Said Seymour "This is a treat on the prestigious royal
family, you can't just order lager! It just wouldn't be right!"
"Okay the most expensive beer you have good barman!" Said Keats to
The Ffionian smiled and nodded and headed off to the bar.
"I want that card back as well!" Called Seymour.
<Tag to anyone, I wasn't really sure where I was going when I
started this. I'm just typing away and watching Big Brother (god I'm
going to get addicted again!). I thought someone could nick the
credit card and buy loads on the Queen's account. After all it is
taxpayer money!>

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