Re: Lonely Memory

Kara sat there in bed looking out the window at the stars outside.
She sat
there thinking about what life was like before. What it was like
living. Some of it was bad. Being dead did have its advantages...oh
She dragged herself down to Parrots and sat at a table. She was
reminded of
her past hanging with her old friends. Would she ever see them
Smith, quite miffed at having not been included in the meeting,
trudged down the corridors. After all, it had been his TBs that had
helped out in the rescue (although they didn't know that). It seemed
a bit on the rude side to exclude him. He was a department head of
sorts, Snitching.
Suddenly Smith was nearly bowled over by an oddly sober looking
"Exactly were in the **** do you think your going Crewman?"
"Free beer sir! Nipples called a meeting in Parrotts!"
Smith released the red-shirted crewman and hurried after him. He had
no need for beer, but perhaps they would recognise him for the
unsung hero he was. Even if they were drunks he would be arresting
the instant they left Parrotts.
Swinging open the doors of the bar, Smith scanned the room for
someone he knew. He saw one:Kara.
"Oh SMEG! I totally forgot!"
Hurredly trying to look as though he wasn't hurrying, Smith hurried
over to Kara's table.
"Erm...hi again...where was I?"

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