Severn times the fun!

<clip 1>
"Lager for me" Said one. "And me…"
"Hold it!" Said Seymour "This is a treat on the prestigious royal
family, you can't just order lager! It just wouldn't be right!"
"Okay the most expensive beer you have good barman!" Said Keats to
The Ffionian smiled and nodded and headed off to the bar.
"I want that card back as well!" Called Seymour.
<clip 2>
The presence left. The robotical Severn lifted up its hand to flip
severn off before hitting the floor. It finally stopped functioning
and, from the shadows a shunt flew into it, causing momentay sparks.
The shunt was reeled in.
<end clip 1 n 2>
Severn landed with a bump. Hed never been good at getting in and out
of tight spaces. Its why hed been denied a driving license 5 times in
the last year. Nightcrawler had returned to the Cargo Bay and was
eyeing up 'The Gun(TM)'. Severn caught its gaze and waved a finger.
'Trust me Mk6, you dont wanna fire that thing'
'Seems safe enought to me...'
'Nah, its a real bastard'
He instinctivly flinched. No retaliatyion was emitted from the
barrel, no friendly electrocuting spark, no hail of well intended
bullets narrowly missing.
Things wernt right....
He grabbed it quickly and shook it.
'Gun! I have an order for you, please fire upon that canister of
alcoholic beverage. That is an order!'
It obeyed.
'Somethings not right..... It hates being order, hell, it hates being
held... Mk6, this may be a problem.... we need the guys for this...'
Severn tightbeamed Keats and Jack. Jack replied instantly, Keats
wasnt recieving.
'Holly, trace Crewman Keats.'
'Keats is in Parrots. That stuck up gits holding a shin-dig, free
Severn went pale.
'We dont have much time!'
<back in parrots>
Seymour groaned at the amount of '0's clicking over on the cash
register as the gang in parrots clamberd for pints that cost more
than the Engine room. Keats sat down with a pint. It was a pint of
the rarest ale in the known universe. A pint of 'Gem', from an old
brewery in Bath 200 years ago. Its froth glistend as Keats raised it
to his mouth....
Severn burst in.
The glass was raised, barely a centimeter from his lips. His eyes
were closed awaiting the moment.
Keats lowerd the glass. Memorys flooded back to him. He had posibly
the wrost resistance to alcohol in the galaxy, newly born children
could out drink him. And Gem really messed you up...
'Mk6, do the honours'
A well placed bazookoid round shatterd the galss, sending the golden
ambrosia everywhere.
'Hey.... you... you spilt my pint...'
OOC- A slightly surreal post here dudes. But im traumaised ater
seeing Troy. IT SUCKS! they reduced the siege of illium from 12 years
to 16 days. bastards. And the explosions? WHY!!!! plus, Achilles was
a bi-sexual.

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