I am VERY angry

Who: Kochanski and the Parrots gang                                                                          Where: Parrots                                                                                                                  When: after the fight started
There was a large crash as Jay was thrown across the room, the group were trying there best to take on the pirates but quite frankly, they were out-manned and out-gunned. Tara had been pinned against the bar and was about to encounter the wrong and of a laser pistol when as if from nowhere emerged from behind to take out the bastard with a captain Kirk style karate chop.
"What are you doing here?" asked Tara.
"dont give me that, i was just mugged in a coridoor and had a bottle of my favorite whiskey stolen, so im VERY angry," He turned to the biggest pirate he could see "hey bud, how about we go 1 on 1"
Tara seemed suprised "CK are you nuts?"
"Dont worry im a Scot, and the Scots invented boxing."
"Yeah, they also run around in skirts doing funny dances"
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